Thursday, May 25, 2017

How Do We Love One Another?

Every time I love one, I am loving all.
When I remember Love, I return to wholeness.
I choose to listen to how I can respond with love.
I forgive myself for ever reacting with fear.

How Do We Love Each Other?

If you love yourself well, you have plenty of Love to give.
If you feel loved by others, you have lots of Love to share.
If you know you are loved by Source, Creator, you feel inspired to Love others.
If you listen to your heart, you know how to love others well.

Everyone wants to feel safe
Everyone wants to be heard.
Everyone wants to be valued.
Everyone wants to be trusted.

Underneath anger, pain and fear, there is always the desire to feel loved.
So why not simply love?
When you feel triggered, why not respond with love.
Perhaps we have forgotten to trust, value, listen and to one another?

It seems so obvious when we watch animals who are hurt, sick, lost, afraid who withdraw or attack.
In humans it seems we tend to become fearful and defensive rather than loving and helpful.
How many parents take the time to simply listen without judging and punishing or ignoring?
How many folks slow down and really listen to our elders without demanding or withholding love?

First we must fill our own mind and heart and body with love.
First we must have the time and caring to share with those in need.
If we are needy, greedy, fearful, demanding or threatening, we cannot give what we don’t have.
So it is essential that we love ourselves well with self-care, appreciation and gratitude.

When we feel guilty because we have not been kind or loving, we tend to blame or withhold love.
If others feel guilty because they have denied loving kindness. they tend to blame or reject us.
The way to truly provide safety, security, kindness and trust is to first love ourselves and listen within.
We are all called to forgive our errors and others’ mistakes as well.

We must begin by forgiving ways that we withhold our love and blame others.
We must learn from all mistakes and see the call for love.
We must choose to see things differently in our relationships.
Let us let go of past misperceptions and mistakes and see things differently.

This is our time to let go and love again.
It is time love ourselves as we want to be love.
It is time to love others as we want to be love.
It is our time to find a healthy and healing way to Love.

Where you feel guilt, blame, anger or sorry for another, it is a call for us to love, really love.
Where we feel fear, comparison, separate and resentment, it is a call for us to love ourselves.
There is no better time than now.
WE are being called to forgive ourselves and bring love where it is needed.

Always Loving you, and me, too!
Betty Lue