Saturday, March 25, 2017

Circles of Influence

I choose peace instead of this.
I trust I am enough.
I see all things with forgiving eyes.
Light reveals and Love heals.

Circles of Influence

You are the center of your circle of influence.
In you there is energy radiating from you to influence those around you.
Consider the influence you choose to extend to others
It is by your thoughts, your words and your interactions that you teach others.

Consider from what you see and feel, hear and know, that you extend your influence.
When you influence yourself in the ways of your choosing, you will observe what is radiating from you.
We cach must tend to our own inner life to come to a place of sincere integrity and live our best Self.
When we are showing up as one who is authentic and consistent, others will be moved and inspired.

Always begin within.
Be at one, united with your whole self.
Live in peace and tend to your own thoughts, words and deeds.
Be aware of how you are influencing yourself and with how you live everyday.

Imagine there are no secret thoughts or activities.
Imagine that everyone is receiving your imaginings, your judgments and hidden activities.
Imagine that you are projecting and teaching your world with what you think, say and do.
Imagine that you are leading us all to see and believe what you are emanating.

Imagine your world is being influenced by you and what you want us to believe.
Let us begin to take responsibility for how we live and what we share.
Let’s recognize we have a circle of influence which is ours to contribute to daily.
Let us begin to influence ourselves always with what we seek to learn and experience.

We are taught, imprinted, seduced and programed by the world around us.
We can delete, undo, forgive, deny and transform whatever we choose.
When we see, feel, receive anything that is not of value, we can choose again.
Our responsibility it to conscientiously transfer on what we see benefits.

We can learn to discern.
We can undo what is untrue.
We can change our mind.
We can breathe and release.

Allow what you value.
Contribute what is good.
Let go and flow what heals.
Influence what benefits all.

Be grateful for what influences our world in positive ways.
Reinforce what you know is good.
Amplify the ways you influence those around you.
Notice and enjoy all that is good, healthy and life-giving to our world.

Loving you and all of us as we learn together.
Betty Lue