Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Little Things That Count!

Life works when I remember to love.
Love is the answer.
I choose to do the little things that matter.
I always feel good when I remember to be truly kind.

“It’s the little things that count.
The touch of your hand and mine.
That mean far more to the fainting heart.”

Remember the Little Things!

Life offers us the choice to live or not.
We can fade away into nothingness.
We can stop caring and sharing.
We can grow away from the light.

Everyday we can step into action or distraction.
We can choose to win or lose or share the gains.
We can make others wrong or cheer them on.
We have the opportunity to encourage or discourage.

I choose what feels good and even great!
I choose to do what I can and know it is enough.
I choose to be present rather than disappear.
We can show courage and live in our hearts .

We can tell what is working because we feel better.
We can feel what is right because we have more energy.
We can do what is ours to do because it all works better.
There are simple ways to know the high way for us.

Take time to do as you are guided.
Listen to the still small voice that inspires you.
Do unto others as you would have them do.
Be the one who is open-minded and willing.

If you see something to do or give, just do it.
It takes so little to give so much.
You will be remembered for the little things you do.
When you have less, your little bit make a bug difference.

It is time to write that ”thank you” note.
Put the tip in the waitresses’ hand and make it personal.
Really say “thank you” to others for services rendered.
Give every little think a really BIG meaning.

See and feel the eye contact you share touches their soul.
The hand you hold is like loving them into self-realization.
Everyone matters and you matter more when you feel it.
You are the One to reach out and offer what is real

I love you everyday in the best way I know.
In words or silence, love the one you are with—especially yourself!!

Loving you,
Betty Lue