Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I am here to make a difference.
I am here to live with Love and Joy.
I am willing to be wholly responsible for my life.
I am awakening into the awareness of my worth.

Have You Forgotten?

Have you forgotten why you are here?
Do you remember why you came to be?
Are you willing to wake up and remember?
Are you open to your true calling?

Start simply and look around you.
Can you imagine you are more than you see?
Are you ready to take responsibility?
Do you think this is all a big mistake?

Consider what you have and where you are.
Consider the people living with and around you.
Notice who needs you and who you seem to need.
Uncover what you want down deep inside.

You may already know you came to give and receive.
You may see you want to be helpful and kind.
You may be actively teaching and learning.
You may have work where you care and share easily.

 Is there something special about you?
Do you feel the connection inside?
Are you aware of the feelings you have?
Do you notice the smile and gratitude you give?

Everyday wake up and ask:
What is my purpose today?
How do I teach and touch others?
What can I do to awaken my family?
How do I share my profound Love?

As you begin to be more conscious, you will see others wake up too.
As you share more genuine love, others seem to share theirs too.
As you express you tender feelings, others respond with more honesty.
As you come alive, you love and light and full appreciation shines through.

Life begins today to be more real, more meaningful.
People see to be looking at your and listening to you.
The light seems brighter and everything is more real.
Love seems to be shared deeper and even guides your way.

Yours is a real life of goodness, kindness and sincere connection.
You are the center of a new feeling that inspires others.
Your sharing and sharing open hearts and inspire minds.
You are the Love leading the way.

Begin today.
We Are here to Remember Love and Return to Wholeness.
Betty Lue