Monday, November 30, 2015

One At A Time!

I notice with focus everything works more exquisitely than I can plan.
I focus on what is for the highest good of all.
Everything I do with intention and focus and joy works quickly and easily.
I forgive myself for being distracted, detoured and delayed by worldly stuff.

Single Focus, Please!
(Written at 7AM on Sunday Nov. 29)

Your focus is like a laser.
When you are aware of one single focal point, all your energy is maximized.
It is easy to create with your full attention.
You focus is like a star going before you and lighting your way.

With split focus demanding your attention and energy, you are diluting what you want.
When you divide your attention and intention, you cannot feed any one equally well.
When you feed both what you want and what you don’t want, you increase both.
When you are in conflict about where and how much to give, you will decrease your impact.

Only this morning, as I began writing this reminder, I stopped to read piece from ACIM text.
It dawned on me how I was dividing my energy between healing my past and creating my NOW.
I saw how I was hanging onto what I didn’t want and not allowing what I really want.
I came back to the computer and read the quote from “Abraham” below.

How are you dividing your attention?
What do you really want?
Above all things, what is your highest goal or intention?
Are you willing to focus entirely on what you truly desire?

When I am not single minded, I get lost in complexity.
When I forget my single truth, I am distracted by others.
When I try to figure out “what” and “why”, I am consumed by thoughts and emotions.
When I am willing to give up my own goal, I get caught in trying to help others.

What I really want is peace, the peace in life that is “fun, safe and easy.”
I have often heard within and said “When I listen and follow, life is fun, safe and easy.”
This is my experience and my truth.
When I listen within and follow inner guidance, my life is truly a fun, safe and easy experience.

So ask within:
· What is my single goal?
· What is the aim of my living here?
· What do I really want for myself?
· What is the highest and best way to enjoy my life?

When we place our focus on what we really want, we let go of what we don’t want.
We are no longer distracted, delayed, disappointed or depressed.
We find life becomes a pathway, clear and true to what is ours to be and have and do.
We do not linger in decisions, but know what is right and true.

What is “fun, safe and easy” is my path to the Joyful Peace I am here to be and do and have.
My goal in life leads my way, but gives me energy and meaning everyday.
My life works when I listen and follow  my inner guidance.
I love myself when I am willing to listen within and follow what I know to be true..

Always Loving Me as I am loving You,
Betty Lue

Everyone is responsible for the thoughts they think and the things that they choose as their objects of attention.