Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so totally grateful for my life learning.
I feel blessed by the experiences I have co-created.
I love being happy and keep choosing for happiness.
I know what I am most happy and grateful, I can do more good in my world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is a trick to “being truly happy”.
“You must be genuinely grateful.”

“If you are a turkey, how can you be happy, unless you are thankful for the life you have had?”

So what about your gratitude?
Are you really grateful for your life?
Are you aware of who you are and all you have?
Do you acknowledge how you have created your life?

Have you let go of what you don’t want?
Do you understand how your gratitude sets you free?
Do you really see how good your life is and can be?
Are you willing to appreciate what you have and let it expand?

What are the ways you become aware and share the gifts you have?
Have you given yourself to love and loving and let yourself be loved?
Do you really value yourself and the choices you have made?
Do you see this is all your graduate degree at life’s university?

Consider making today a practice exam for seeing how much gratitude you can share.
Practice using your thoughts, words and behavior to say thanks for everyone and everything.
Everyone is a teacher and everything is a gift.
How can it be that you have given yourself everything you see?

We can learn from the storm clouds and appreciate the coming rain.
We can find the value in a mistaken choice to simply not make it again.
We can open our heart to someone who is unkind and remember to be kind in return.
We can learn from the wrongs in the world to stop and make the right choice everyday.

Love teaches us to love everyone, so they will feel loved.
Forgiveness opens the window to our mind where we long to be kind.
As we allow ourselves to see, “It is all up to me”, we begin to know and understand.
Love grows when we give love to those crying out for love.

Our gratitude shows us what we may have forgotten.
Thanks” gives us a ways to pray and say, “I am glad to be here.”
I am happy to learn everyday from everyone.
I truly value this life I have and appreciate so I can be open-minded.

Our willingness to show gratitude awakens ourselves and others to what life can be.
In harmony with our true nature, we are grateful everyday for this opportunity to learn.
Let us join together to love one another, those who love us and those who long to be loved.
Let us remember that many are afraid of love, because they have never known lasting love.

I love You.
I thank You.
I bless You.
Always remember Love and we will return to our natural state of Love, Joy and Peace.
Betty Lue