Monday, January 05, 2004

Beginning a New Year

A renewal of Spirit, a new physical program, a new focus in work… all are valuable only if they truly represent what is in my heart.
I can see how the end of the year did not represent my desired state or pace in life.
While I did no shopping, there was plenty of moving both office and home, newsletter mailings, beginning a new business partnership, attending others’ needs. holiday gatherings in our home and travel all added to the stress.
This is not the way I choose to have the peace I want in 2004. So I immediately forgive myself and choose again.

I can create the lifestyle and pace I want.
I can do as much or little as I choose.
I can have fun everyday in everyway.
I can be at home and at peace.
I can enjoy the fullness of life without overdoing.
I can be happy with what I have.
I can enjoy our return to Walnut Creek with no regret.
I can honor the needs of others without neglecting my own.
I can be present for all who enter into my consciousness in thought or in person.
I can celebrate the goodness and beauty in everyone I meet.
I can create a loving experience from everything I do. Life loves me as I love myself.
I can….I will….I do…
I choose to wholeheartedly love me, so that I can wholeheartedly love You.
This is the way I learn and grow.
I find what works and I am grateful this is so.

Try free flowing your own thoughts and forgiveness and choices as I have just done.
See what appears on the screen of your consciousness.
Renewal is as fun, safe and easy as becoming aware forgiving all and choosing again.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

PS The more awake and aware you are, the smaller the misstep will be discerned.
The resulting “scritch” is obvious and unable to be ignored.
Blame and guilt will no longer work.
Take total responsibility, forgive and change your mind.