Monday, October 06, 2003

Are You Needy?

When people feel lacking or needy, they become fearful, critical and demanding.  
When a child feels their basic needs are not being met, they become anxious, cranky and demanding.  
Are you anxious, cranky or demanding?  
What is missing?  What feels lacking or needed in your life?  
Security, safety, affection, good food, appreciation, happiness, friendship, play, creativity, gentleness or being heard?

When we seek for external fulfillment from those who are lacking, ignorant or incapable of providing, we set ourselves up for failure and more fear, blame and demands.  
The more we are needy, cranky and demanding, the more others feel helpless, insufficient, fearful of failing and withdraw.  
The more we demand fulfillment from others and our world, the less likely it is to get it. (unless of course you have a saint in your life.)

The work is to be good to ourselves.  
The work is to love ourselves.  
The work is to nurture and reassure ourselves.
The work is to nourish and rest ourselves.  
The work is to allow the Universe to support us.  
The work is to trust in the Higher Power.  
The work is to teach others how to treat us.  
The work is to choose those who are willing to learn.  
The work is to be forgiving and patient.  
The work is to honor the process as we all learn to let go of the barriers to love.

If you are needy, listen within to find out what is needed to fulfill you.
Give to your wholeness.  
Give to your goodness.  
Give to your fulfillment.  
Teach others how to do the same for themselves.  
Only those who are fulfilled can give without sacrifice.  

Loving you and me all ways,  
Betty Lue