Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Love More in 2004

New Year’s Eve Reminders

Where is your focus as you end this year?
What was your intention as you began 2003?
Have you honored yourself and your calling this year?
Do you intend to love yourself more in 2004?

The cultural norm is to maintain the status quo.
Whatever you have done, keep it going.
It is easier to maintain than to change.
It is simpler to continue than to create a new plan.

Is your life calling for a new plan or a renewal of last year’s model?

What does your life tell you?
It is a reflection of what you have chosen consciously or unconsciously?
What you value is what you have.
Where you place your energy is what is projected.

Health problems may mean to slow down and relax more.
Family issues may tell you to extend more energy to those in your circle.
Financial woes may mean to simplify and let go of extraneous expenses.
Feelings of discouragement and depression may call for more wonder and appreciation.

This year for New Year’s and everyday for sanity:
I choose to Love myself with the best of care.
I choose to Love those I know with the best in me.
I choose to Love life by giving and living my values.
I choose to fully enjoy and express gratitude everyday.

I choose to extend Love more in 2004.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

“Life is very Good."

As I end this year 2004, I want to thank you for being my spiritual partners in remembering to Love.
There is no path more healthy, happy and fulfilling.
Each one of us has our own unique journey to Love more.
I trust you to find and follow your Way.
Learn as you go and grow as you learn.
Appreciate and enjoy the gift of Life.
Love your whole self as your gift to the Giver of Life.
You are a gift to me and to our world.

I love You.
Betty Lue

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Completion of 2003

When we ending a chapter of our lives, a relationship, a job, a vacation, it serves us to soak up all the best.
And bless and release the rest.
This year 2003 has been a year of challenges, accomplishment, change, opportunity and learning.
Take time to assess and fully receive the gifts of all aspects of life.
Reflect and journal for your own enhanced awareness.

What have I learned this year?
How have I grown and developed spiritually as well as in worldly ways.
What have I earned this year? Not just $$ but accomplishments and goals met.
What were my challenges and how did I meet them?
How have my relationships been improved?
What do I most appreciate about 2003?
What are the memories I will treasure?
How have I changed?
What opportunities have called me to say “Yes”?

How can I give my self more joyfully?
How can I learn more easily?
How can I live more peacefully?
How can I work more successfully?
How can I improve the quality of my life?
How can I walk with Spirit more truly?

Today I give thanks for the joy I feel in being fully alive, in being free to give, in being open to love.
Today I give thanks for All that I Am, All that I do and All that I have.
Today I give thanks.

Thankful for you,
Betty Lue


No email until December 31—Out of town with our mothers.
Taking them to the Palm Spring Follies and Glory of Christmas in Garden Grove, CA
Call if you have need 800-919-2392.

I am with you in Spirit always and all ways,
Betty Lue

Friday, December 26, 2003

Forgiving Eyes

When we perceive with forgiving eyes, our mind is clear and focused on seeing rightly.
When we see beyond this physical experience and perceive the Essence of everyone, we see as God sees.
We love as God loves.
We heal by seeing the holiness.
We teach by living what we know.
We give by giving only essential and ever lasting gifts.
We extend peace with peace in our own minds.
We express Joy by being free of anger and pain.
We offer Love by realizing the Love we are.
We are decisive as we allow the voice within to be our guide.
We are conscious as we are unclouded by fear and judgment.

The prerequisite for these gifts of Spirit is forgiveness.
Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves.
Forgiveness is about clearing our own being from the clouds of illusion.
Forgiveness ends all errors in our mind.
Forgiveness is a choice to stop judging our own miscreations.
Forgiveness is releasing our stuckness in the temporal.
Forgiveness is the freedom to choose again.

This temporary tool is highly effective in a world of human misperception and error.
When we have laid all judgment aside we will no longer need this tool.
For as long as we judge, compare, evaluate, figure out, defend, and think, we need the tool of forgiveness.

What a way to end 2003 and begin the new year!
Forgive everyone and everything for all time.
Forgiving all mistakes so we can freely choose again with God.
Betty Lue

Don’t forget an awesome New Year’s Eve PlayShop. Dec. 31 from 2-5PM
This is our gift to free ourselves to love more dearly, follow Spirit more nearly and create more purely day by day. Plan on arriving at 2PM to receive the full gratitude and vision. Bring light food to share if you wish. Our focus will be on personal healing of the past, freedom in the present and vision for the future.
Call 800-919-2392 if you are coming please. Only those willing to spiritually focus on the New Year will receive value. It is our 2004 gift to You. 3274 Ptarmigan Dr. #1A, Entry 19, Walnut Creek. Cell phone 707-321-0604.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

The Most Perfect Gift

I gave myself a gift today.
It came to me this early morning what I needed and wanted was mine to have.
So I accepted what was already available and ready to be used.
This gift heals my body of aches and pains.
This gift frees my mind from worries and concerns.
This gift brings me peace and love and joy.
This gift grants me hope for the future and release from the past.
This gift opens my heart to full appreciation of everyone everywhere.
This gift is available every moment and I can use it as much as I want.
It never wears out and works without batteries.
It costs me nothing except my opinions, my beliefs and my historical perspective.
This gift saves me from a lifetime of false teachings, limited perspectives and foolish expectations.
This gift can be given to everyone and not lose its power.
This gift grows freedom and trust in the hearts of all who receive it.
This gift is a breath of fresh air on a spring day and makes my heart sing with delight.
This gift is mine and yours and ours to free ourselves from all mistakes for all time—past and future.

I thank Spirit for this gift. And I thank myself for remembering and using it so well.
I am grateful both to receive and give this sacred gift.
It changes my mind. It changes my life. It changes my world.

What is this universally available and often unclaimed gift?



May you receive this great gift from Spirit in me on this Holy Day.
30 forgivenesses a day will keep the Doctor and negativity away.
Ask me for more about how to operate this sacred gift if you want to know more.

Always loving you and giving to you from a place of forgiveness.
Cleaning house again and again,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Within You

Within you lies everything that is true and whole and beautiful.
Within you is the wisdom of the sages and the music of the ages.
Within you is the gift of life, the healing of the past and the vision for our future.
Within you is the sun and moon and stars.
Within you lies a place of peace and eternal rest.
Within you is the enthusiasm and wonder of a child and the comfort and peace of our holy elders.
Within you is the forgiveness of all errors and the compassion of a saint.
Within you is the heart of God and the mind of Holy Spirit.
Within you is the prayer of Saint Francis and the affirmation of Emmett Fox.
Within you is the Power of Love and the Presence of Peace.
Within you lies everything Good and True and Holy, waiting to be born again anew.
Within You is All you seek.
Within You.

I Am within You.

May each day be one of holiness, healing and peace. You are a gift to me and to our world.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Time for Peace

In the wee small hours of the morning I find myself in the loft (my new home office space) to get a few hours alone with Spirit. With my Mom, Gia and my daughter in our home, with the settling in of our household, with the holiday events each day, I realize how important it is to me to be quiet, to focus, to listen within, to respond, to be awake, to breathe deep, to be at peace. It is raining and the sound is like music on the roof and skylights above. This is my new sanctuary where I will go to be with God and the Good in All That Is. This is the upper room where the Christ Light is born again in me with Loving Reminders and my responses to You. This is my ascension into the peace that passes understanding.

From the business of the world, I transcend preparation, lists and worldly needs.
I can rest in Love. I can find here all that I truly need.
Spiritual fuel for my daily activities lie in these sacred moments.
I invite you to create a place and time to go within.
I encourage you to have a time of respite and inner peace.
I support you in meditating or walking in nature or taking your long bubble bath.
I urge you to listen to sacred music, to offer a prayer of gratitude daily, to enjoy the sunrise .
For in your peace comes the peace in our world.
Your inner peace extends to other minds.
Your inner peace brings healing.
Your inner peace is gift of Christmas.

Find your peace today. In this is your piece in the puzzle of life. Your peace is essential.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Monday, December 22, 2003

Seeing With The Heart

So often we use our bodies eyes to see the imperfections and the pain in our world.
When we see through the filter of our mind, we judge what we see.
Our hair is too grey, our skin too pale, our food too fattening, our checking account too low, our kitchen too dirty, our friends too needy, our church too preachy, our world too violent, our government too fanatic, our schedule too busy, people too rude, etc.
When we see with our mind we evaluate, compare, perceive through past experiences, defend, have opinions and feel concern about ourselves and our lives.

When we see with our heart……….
We look at what is with Compassion and Kindness.
We are open and willing to Love and Appreciate.
We extend Love where there is lack.
We see Beauty within all creation.
We trust in the intrinsic Perfection.
We believe in the Highest Outcome.
We know we are in the right place at the right time to share the Love we are.
We see the Essence rather than the body.
We enjoy the Moment rather than compare or judge.
We seek Truth rather than opinions.
We extend Peace to chaos and give love to the fearful.
We are Messengers of Goodness and Mercy.
We are Bringers of Light and Enthusiasm.
We are Teachers of God and unconditional Love.
We are the Holy Ones, the Children of the One.
This is Our Holy Birthday and the time to remember Who Lives Within.

Listening to my heart,
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Foolish to be Fearful

In times of darkness, turn on the lights.
In times of sorrow, find someone to make happy.
In times of judgment, look for what you appreciate.
In times of lack, see all you are given.
In times of fear, open your heart to love.

The human learned personality and ego has learned that it is helpful to judge and realistic to be afraid.
People have taught one another to grieve, to suffer, to see what is missing and hate what is natural.
The spirit soars when we seek what is beautiful, good and whole.
The heart sings when we see what is loving and kind and truly helpful.
The mind creates when it is clear and happy and free.
Why would I choose to live in darkness, sadness, fear and resentment when I can choose to have happiness, love and light in my life?

If I only know what I have been taught, I may not realize I can choose to change my mind.
I f I believe only what others have shown me, I might think I have no other choice.
If I let the past teach me, I might try to protect and defend myself from the mistakes of myself and others.
If I only trust in what I can see and read, I might be stuck in repeating past experiences.

I can open to the unknown.
I can believe in miracles of love.
I can forgive and erase the past.
I can focus on God and Goodness.
I can perceive the beauty and Love within all things.
I can choose again.

It is foolish to be stuck, when I am at choice.
Betty Lue

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Listen Within

In your heart, you know.
When all judgments are laid aside, you can hear loud and clear the Voice of Love.
When you are at peace, you can ask and receive the clarity you request.
When you are at home, you can feel the Love within.
When you are unafraid, you will have faith in god and Good.
When the past is forgiven, you are perfectly guided in each moment.
When you rest in Love, you see all as loving You.

Life is a projection of our inner kingdom.
When our kingdom is filled with Light, we see only light.
When our kingdom is filled we Love, we extend only Love.

To clear you kingdom of the debris and clutter of the past, stop filling yourself with meaningless stuff.
Look around to see what is meaningless and let it go with blessing.
Listen within for what is real and true and lasting.

You are blessed. Your life is a blessing.
Thank you for the gift of YOU.
Betty Lue

Friday, December 19, 2003

Winter Solstice

This time of year, when the sunlight hours are minimal and the temperatures dip below freezing for many, it is important to increase the inner light and turn up our inner warmth. Winter Solstice celebrates the beginning of winter, a time of conservation, reflection and visioning. It is a time to hibernate, to cuddle up, to remember Love, to enjoy the hearth, to plant seeds of goodness and joy in our imagination. And so we celebrate many holidays of Light and Love, filled with miracles and joy, family times of gathering with forgiveness and Love.

No matter how small your home, you can extend a welcome to someone who needs a place to be.
No matter how meager your food, you can always add one more to the table.
No matter how cold the winter, you can always find a blanket or warm coat for the homeless to have.
No matter how meager the gifts for your children, you can always give one toy to a child who has none.
No matter how sad your life has been, you can always extend one act of kindness to someone in need.
No matter how far from family you are, you can always offer one prayer of love and gratitude.
No matter how long since you stepped into a place of devotion, you can always light one candle of faith.
No matter how lost or confused you may be, you can be grateful for what you have in your life.

There are many stories, both tragic and miraculous.
There are many prayers, both beseeching and celebratory.
There are many songs, both romantic and sacred.
Take some time to tell a story to someone who needs your company ( on phone or better in person).
Take some time to offer a thankful prayer for your willingness to remember love and faith and God.
Take some time to sing a song that moves your Spirit and inspires you to give Love.

This is the season to remember Love.
This is the season to serve from the heart.
This is the season to remember God.

Loving you with all my heart, from the heart of God.
Betty Lue

Holiday Invitations for those of you who live nearby:

Winter Solstice Open House in our new offices.
This Sunday, Dec. 21 from 2-5 PM for stories, songs and happy festivities.
Bring yourself and goodies to share, a gift for someone without home or family and/or simple finger foods to share.

Christmas Eve Caroling in a nearby nursing home.
Sharing love, hugs, joy and kindness.
Dec, 24th, 2-4 PM. Meet at our office, 140 Mayhew Way, Suite #1000, Pleasant Hill at 2PM.

New Year’s Eve Play Shop in our new home (3274 Ptarmigan Dr. #1A, Walnut Creek),
Focused Activities, Meaningful Sharing and Respectful Enjoyment. Appreciate the year gone by and bring in the New Year with Clear Vision, Committed Intention, Joyful Association and Loving Reminders!!!!
December 31, 2-5PM in our Rossmoor condo with fun, food and fellowship.

Call for more information, directions and to reserve space. 800-919-2392

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Peace On Earth

When you want only peace, you will see only peace.
When you want only peace, you will be only peace.
When you want only peace, you will extend only peace.
When Peace becomes your only goal, you will live nothing else.

How does one create peace on earth?
Peace is an inside job.
Peace begins in my mind.
Peace is experienced when I forgive all errors.
Peace is an attribute of the mind.
Peace comes when my mind serves only the purpose of living and giving peace.
I invite, encourage and request my mind to hold only thoughts of peace.

In peace I am renewed.
In peace, I am at home.
In peace, I know God.
In peace I am loving and beloved.
In peace I am happy.
In peace I am free.

I now affirm:
I forgive everyone and everything all the time.
My mind holds only thoughts which are true and loving.
My mind thinks only what I think with God.
I am at choice and I choose peace.

Peace is my single goal….. the aim of all my living here..
the end I seek, my purpose, my function and my life. (from A Course in Miracles)

At peace with All That Is,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Light, Light and More Light

The most valuable tool I know for clearing out the old, useless, negative clutter in our minds and in our homes and in our lives is more light. Lots more light on the subject shows us what is valuable and what is valueless. Once we see, really see what is, we can easily and joyfully release what is no longer valuable. Whatever we keep in our minds or our lives takes energy. If it gives us back equal or more positive energy it may be worth keeping. If it simply drains energy, it probably is worth releasing. Turn up the lights in your home and you see the dirt, dust and clutter. Turn up the light in your mind and you see the limiting beliefs and negative programming, the fear and judgment, the resentment and disappointment.

Letting go is far, more simple, effective and easy when you can see what you are releasing.
Be appreciative of yourself for your willingness to do the work.
You will more easily release with every breath.

Shine a light on the subject and you see more.
Fear causes ignorance and fixed opinions. Fear is darkness.
Turn up the light and you will behold with eyes of gratitude and love.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

With more light, we see the beauty of the pink—multiple shads and gradations of color
Warm, living in the heart of God.

Remember to keep the “holidays” Holy and sacred.
Listen inside for your true gifts in this season of “more light”.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

No Complaints

When I am honest with myself, I see how complaining grows into victimization and self pity.
I see how criticizing grows into resentment and fear.
I see how finding imperfection leads to finding myself wanting.
I see how seeking acknowledgment or appreciation sets me up for making others my source.
I see how having expectations contributes to being disappointed and discouraged.
Life is too much fun to be bewitched, bothered and bewildered.

I do not know the HIGHER PURPOSE.
I do not know the DIVINE PLAN.
I do know I AM LOVED.

So I now easily choose to release complaining, criticizing, finding imperfection, seeking acknowledgment, and expecting.
I now choose to trust in the Highway of Peace.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, December 15, 2003

Endings and New Beginnings

Where we end one chapter of our life, we open to a new chapter.
Where one adventure is completed, another challenge may be around the corner.
Where one relationship is over, we prepare for the next.
When a part of us dies, we must allow for rebirth of a new self.
When we move on, we are to let go gracefully and move on.
When we say “goodbye” to the old, we awaken to the new.

Just as the sun sets everyday allowing for the completion of the days experiences, so we must be prepared for the sunrise in the morning after a time of respite and rest. The night (sometimes referred to as the dark night of the soul) is often seen as being a time of sorrow and grief, confusion and doubt, fear and regret. However, seen rightly, we might simply allow the void to be the time of breath, reflection, openness to the new dawn. Where we judge life’s events we tend to get stuck in the negative experiences. Or sometimes we get attached to the beautiful memories of what has been. Where we forgive and clear our judgments, we find solace and comfort as we await the birth of what is to come. When we let go with gratitude and celebration, we open not only to the blessedness of the past, but the gifts of the future.
Life cycles invite us to change and transform. Life events invite us to let go, to laugh and love again. Life’s opportunities open the way to easily release that which is decaying and to embrace that which is budding forth.

Suggestions for letting go with LOVE and moving on with JOY:
Say “good bye” with full appreciation for what has been.
Honor the ‘now’ moment for the gifts that it holds for you.
Appreciate every change in life.
Trust in the transformative process as we return to our natural state of wholeness.
Let go of everything to enter into the void. Be still and be at peace.
Acknowledge judgments and fears with true forgiveness.
Look forward to greater tomorrows.
Trust we cannot know the underlying purpose to what is given.
Be willing to accept that all things work together for Good.

We are ending the year 2003. Now is the time of great grief and a sense of dying for many.
December is a month of completion and forgiveness of where we may have erred.
Allow yourself to die to the old and await the new.
Rest when there is nothing to do.
Lay your fears aside by trusting in the Power and Presence that knows All, Loves All and Is All.

Loving and blessing us all as One.
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 14, 2003


(Grateful to be moved and unpacked.)

As I am seeing what is not, I am reminded of what is.
As I am seeing the imperfections, I perceive the perfection.
As I am feeling the physical fatigue, I experience life energy.
As I am seeing how much is left to do, I see how much has been accomplished.
As I am seeing the carelessness of hired workers, I see how much they helped.
As I am seeing the too much “pink” walls, I see the warmth of this loving cocoon.
As I am seeing the money being spent, I see how generously I am willing to give.
As I am seeing myself get discouraged with stress and fatigue, I see my persistent trust and joy.

Within all clouds, there is not only a silver lining, but the golden glow of each new sun.
We are that sun (Son) shining for and with one another.
We can awaken each morning and each moment to the blessedness of now.
Always in now there is hope and faith and love.

I am loving you and me.
I celebrate us all endlessly.
I will not quit on what is true.
Betty Lue

Note: New office and new home addresses.

Betty Lue Lieber, Ph.D. MFT
Whole Life Coach, Therapist, Spiritual Consultant, and Interfaith Minister
Reunion Ministries
3274 Ptarmigan Dr. #1A, Walnut Creek, CA 94595
140 Mayhew Way Suite# 1000, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
800-919-2392 voicemail/pager

Thursday, December 11, 2003

And This Is Good!

What you judge, you shall believe.
What you believe, you shall see.
What you see, you shall convince yourself is true.
What is true for you, you shall affirm until you forgive.

Whatever you create in your life, you may judge “Good” or “Bad”.
And this shall be your experience, until you cease judging and simply see what is.

I have judgments.
My judgments mean nothing.
I have beliefs. I am responsible for what I experience.
I can choose to change what I believe and I will change my experience.

Love is the way.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Be Respectful of Your Self

Where we are is to be honored.
Each one of us is on a journey.
This journey is unique to our growth.
Our challenges, our gifts, our dilemmas are unique to us.
When another comes to rescue, to criticize, to warn us, they may be judging our way, rather than respecting our spiritual path.

When I am afraid of you, I am judging your behavior.
When I am afraid for you, I am judging your condition.
When I free you from my opinions and choices, I am loving you.
When I am trusting you, I am accepting you and your life journey.

We cannot be on another’s path, because we have our own.
Honor what is yours.
Trust in what it theirs.
And be at peace.
Betty Lue

Moving the next few days so computer will be packed.
Look for the reminders on the website.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Pink Is Healing

What do you do when your life doesn’t turn out the way you expected?
The same thing you do when your life turns out the way you expect.

You breathe deeply. Smile and say “Thank You.”
You forgive the judgments in your mind.
You look for and receive the gift therein.
You appreciate the beauty of every day.
You give love and appreciation to everyone.
You live, love, laugh and be happy.
For so it is that we can fully enjoy life.

The walls in our condo turned out very pink.
(Even after adding three gallons of white paint to each 5 gallon tub)
Yes, there are other areas where we have gotten the unexpected in our new home.
What do I do?
I continue doing my life.
I use my humor to see things differently.
I appreciate having a place to live, fresh paint on my walls.
I look for the gift and blessing.
I create possibilities. (out of lemons make lemonade).
I learn how to do it differently.
I trust in the Highest Good.
I believe in miracles.
I rejoice that my life is so good.
I carry on in love and joy and peace.

In all of life, we are here to take a journey into the Self. On this journey we find areas of needed healing, areas of generosity and abundance, areas of withheld emotion, areas of unconsciousness. On our journey there are mysteries and magical moments, hopes and fears, clearing and creativity.

All is good when we are free to choose again.
All is good when we forgive our judgments.
All is good when we trust in the Divine or Spiritual Path.
All is Good.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, December 08, 2003

Tithing, Contribution and Giving

Give to what has heart and meaning for you.
Give to the Source of Your Good.
Give 10% or 20% or 50% of your time, money and energy to what inspires you.
Give wherever and however you are called.
Give with Joy.
Give freely and generously.
Give without conditions or expectations.
Give without needing approval or appreciation.
Give because it is your joy to give from your heart.
Give to people, organizations, concepts and inspirational resources.
Give with your energy, service and gratitude as well as money.
Give to yourself, your consciousness, your awakening, your daily spiritual connection.

The practical value of tithing is multifold.
Keep the flow going.
What inspires you needs to be inspired. Stoke the fire.
Where you put your attention grows and flourishes.
Keep the wellspring from which you receive healthy and strong.
Invest in your future.
Save for a rainy day in your inspirational bank account.
Retain seeds of inspiration for the next season of inspirational prosperity for you.
Bless what and who has blessed you.
Express your gratitude freely.
Know it all comes from source and returns to Source.
Learn the value of conscious stewardship. Contribute to what you value.
Spending 10% or more of your time inspiring you will always lead to more inspiration.
Spending 10% of your energy inspiring you will lead to more energy.
Spending 10% of your money inspiring you will lead to more productivity and creativity.

Tithing woks. It is practical and effective.
Pay attention to what prospers you and lifts you up.
Give where it counts.

Inspired by you and these Loving Reminders,
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Moving Again

Yes, this is moving week.
Why move? Why move from one place you love to another about which you are uncertain?
Why let go of what you have and move on with less?
How can we let go with love and trust in the Good to come?

Moving can be healing.
Moving can be helpful.
Moving can be the call of Spirit of the desire of the ego.
Moving can be whatever you want it to be.
A new beginning, an opportunity, a letting go, a lightening up, a change of pace, a new community, a new identity, a warmer climate, a healthier choice.
When a plant is crowded, it needs more space.
When a plant is root bound, we transplant into a bigger pot with fresh soil.
When a plant needs more light, more rain, less cold, we respond easily.

So humans need to find the right conditions for their natural growth. Often we are born into circumstances which are limiting.
We may move into a flood pain or a desert (actually or metaphorically) and need to move to take care of our selves and our families. Our health conditions may invite us to move out of homes that have mold or other pollutants.
We may find our neighbors to be difficult and want to move into a more harmonious community.
It is important to move from our jobs, our habits, our careers, our associations, when they no longer support our full aliveness, when they endanger our health or distract us from purposeful living.

It is an act of faith to move, when there is a spiritual call.
When living in faith, we listen within and respond.
We are moving back to the Bay area, to Walnut Creek where I have lived the longest in total.
This is the place where I have spent most of my years counseling and teaching.
While living in Santa Rosa I have continued to commute to an office where I work 5-15 hours weekly.
Robert’s Mom would benefit from our presence and help with transportation,, errands and company.
It will cut our time in the car to less than half.
Our other Reunion Ministries and family commitments will be enhanced by this move.
While leaving our home here in Valley of the Moon, with vineyards, state parks and mountains all around is a letting go, we do it easily by changing our minds.

I now let go with love and appreciation.
I bless the people, the experiences and this home for the goodness and beauty they have provided us.
I fully trust in our calling to move on.
I know that all is provided for as we move in faith and hope and full appreciation.
I look forward with delight to the next place to be.
My attitude provides me with the energy and consciousness to make this move fun, safe and easy for all.
I am filled with enthusiasm, gratitude and expectancy for a future of goodness, wholeness and love for all.

Blessing our inner and outer changes for the good of All,
Betty Lue

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Energy Is Healing

Recently I made a quick list of all those elements that have a profound effect on one’s energy.

Exercise, T’ai Chi Chih and forms of Qi Gong, breathing, forgiveness, generosity, love, joy, humor, creativity, novelty, diet, productivity, fulfillment, choice, affirmation, appreciation, walking, nature, beauty, inner peace, stewardship, doing what you love, receiving another’s love, prayer, fulfilling a dream, giving and receiving blessing and more.

Whenever we open the flow of energy, we experience more love.
Whatever is judging and condemning constricts the flow of energy.
Whatever is forgiving and accepting opens the flow of energy.
Fatigue is caused by the use of our mind and body to defend, protect, limit and judge our lack of safety.
Energization is experienced as we open to trust in the abundance of the Beauty, Goodness and Love in our lives.
Wherever we are trusting and freeing, we open the flow.
Wherever we are suspicious and limiting, we shut down the flow.
Our mind is the governor of the flow.
We are sovereign in the use of our mind.
It may require practice to use your mind to your own benefit.
With disuse and laziness, we may allow past programming, media hysteria and mass consciousness beliefs to be at the controls of our thinking.
We now can forgive this all and choose again.

I choose to free myself from limiting and frightening beliefs.
I forgive myself for scaring myself.
I forgive myself for scaring myself.
Letting go of lack, littleness and limitation is fun, safe and easy for me.
I now choose freedom and trust.
I now choose love, forgiveness and healing.
I now choose abundant life.
I am filled with new life energy everyday.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, December 05, 2003

Everyone Is Your Teacher

Today is the birthday of a special young woman who came into my life 27 years ago. She brought with her the fears of the world. She carried in her being the confusion of the emerging adult, the anger of the wounded, the quiet of the ashamed, the joy of the innocent and the suspicion of a deer mortally injured and crying silently for help. She brought with her the problems, terror and desperation of the walking wounded. There are many today whom we see on the streets in our schools and hospitals and many more behind closed doors suppressed by medication, alcohol and other restraints. They too need someone to listen, someone to hear, someone to respond and reach out with love. They are our teachers. They are messengers calling us to remember to Love.

This young woman changed my life forever. As I recall how she touched my life, I weep. Tears of sorrow, joy and profound gratitude come to me. She is a hero to me, for she and I walked together courageously through difficult times as therapist and client, fearless friend with fearful friend, community server and helper, two children seeking to find a better way. We were together in the search to find Peace and Joy and Love within. We succeeded because we both committed to a healed and healthy relationship with ourselves and with each other.
I learned more from her than I can express in words. Only my heart knows how deeply she touched me in her pain, in her need and in her call for help. I reached out to respond to a phone call from a stranger, someone who had no means of support, someone who cried out for unconditional love. I reached out in faith and was given the most precious gift of all, the rewards of loving…unconditionally loving…. in a smile, a butterfly, a daisy…. in the rainbow or sunbeam or cautious the celebration of each step in confidence.

I am encouraging all of us to reach out to those we see, those we think of, those whom we know are hungry. not just for food, but for the human touch, a smile and affirming words. Reach out and love. Reach out and remember the Love You Are, as you remind the other of the Love within them. Everyone is gift.

Yes, you, my dear friend, shall always be my Loving Reminder.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Impeccable Self Care

To care for One Self Impeccably, there must be love and respect for our whole being.
Where we judge, we criticize, neglect, negate, abuse and accuse.
The work is to see accurately and to listen to the way we now treat ourselves.
Wherever there is an area of lack, littleness or limitation, we must acknowledge or confess.
Wherever we have self-denying and defeating programming from childhood, we must bring it all into the light.
It is in the light of awareness that we can forgive, release and erase what no longer serve our highest Good.
We were each created as Love by Love for the purpose of Loving.
Wherever we believe otherwise, we must confess, forgive, heal and transform.

How does this process of Self Healing look.
It can look like journaling, therapy, prayer, daily self care, introspection and reflection, living our lives happy and free, caring for another impeccably, affirming daily with prayer treatment or written affirmation.
When we are living with impeccable self care, any small upset is a sign we have forgotten to live on purpose.
We have forsaken following the path of our heart with deep love and appreciation for who we are.
When we are caring for ourselves impeccably we lead a balanced life, honoring mind, body and Spirit.
When we are truly honoring ourselves, we feel loved and loving no matter what.
When we are fully appreciating ourselves, we are whole, happy and free.

Let Love and Joy lead, for they are honest caretakers of our precious gift of live.
Love and Joy lead us to fulfillment, abundance and meaningful relationships.
Love and Joy lead us to care for our body vehicle, our home environment, our families and friends.
Love and Joy lead us to be constantly learning from everyone and everything.
Love and Joy support our trust, our honesty, our generosity, our patience.
Love and Joy lead us to let go of defenses and secrets, to release resentments and guilt.
Love and Joy lead us to honor the Voice within and to follow the song in our heart.
Love and Joy lead us to love ourselves no matter what and to love others as well.

Impeccable Self Care is our right and responsibility.
It gives an example for others to see.
It supports us in the stresses of life.
It keeps our minds from confusion and our bodies from strife.
Begin today to care for You.
This is your life. Cherish it,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Listening and Loving the Young

Every person well-listened to and loved will blossom into the being they are called to be.

When we take the time to listen, we demonstrate we care.
We demonstrate we value the thoughts and feelings, the hopes and dreams of the one we are giving our undivided attention to.
I prefer to listen with no distractions, no TV, no phone, no other people, no outside conversation, just listening.
I prefer to set a time, to make an appointment for the other.
I prefer to give my whole being to the listening.
I prefer to listen with my heart and not my head, to listen with love rather than with judgment.
I prefer to state my boundaries, how long I have to be present.
I prefer to say and show I care with my face, with my words, with my touch.
I prefer to tell the other directly how much their happiness and well-being mean to me.
I prefer to end the conversation with an acknowledgment of feeling good about the intimacy and sharing.

If the young one knows what they want, trust and support their choices.
Our kids develop self doubt because adults (who don’t really know what they want) question and doubt their kids in struggling to find our what is best for them.
If you are fearful of their choice, state your concerns one time, then gather information from all sides and share.
Be there to listen. Invite in a consultant who is objective. And always LOVE

Our young people are often scared, lost and feeling non-supported.
Money seems to be the way they think they can get what they want.
(We taught them money comes first by our lifestyle choices.)
We as parents pass on our confusion and internal tension to our kids.
They act out our unexpressed conflicts, angers and fears.
They are mirrors for us. We must clean our own mirror.

If the young one does not know what they want, if they are confused, how can you help?
Ask helpful questions. Listen for the answers.
Does he want joy and freedom, travel and adventure, home and security, family and comfort, education and learning, experimenting and discovery, spirituality and teaching? Each path looks totally different.
Just what does he feel drawn to for his life?
Or perhaps, what does he not want?

If he is open....
Give him alternatives and choices or possibilities.
Give him hope for the future and a vision of better things to come.
Give him a trip, a class, a book, a life coach, a mentor, a good friend to help him find his feet, his future and a path on which he can successfully walk.
When we can respond with Love and respond as Christ, we are direct, clear, compassionate and show the way clearly in thought, words and behavior.
When our own lives are happy, healthy, and purposeful, we can say “Come follow me.”
Most adults have muddy, conflicted lives that are much too busy, are uncommunicative and and are living off purpose.
To be at peace, we must acknowledge how we explored with trial and error to find our way.
We must forgive our mistakes and trust that consequesnces and life experiences are great teachers.
We must be confident that with fogiveness and love, we will find our way home.

Listen and love,
Give the best you have always,
Betty Lue

Monday, December 01, 2003

Never Too Busy for You

If you call me, I will be there.
If you need me, I will be there.
If you seek creative solutions, I will be there.
If you are wanting me to listen, I will be there.

Never assume those who love you will not be there for you.
Yes, I am busy.
Yes, I have moved my office. (It took one day only to move and set it up.)
Yes, we just finished and mailed the Holiday Newsletter and 2004 schedule.
Yes, I am moving our home on the 10-11th. (We will be set up with pictures hung by Dec. 15.)
Yes, I serve many people in many ways.
Yes, I am “on call for God.”
Yes, I am “on call for Goodness sake.”
Yes, I am creating new expanded ways to serve with holistic partnerships.
Yes, I am active in cleaning my home, preparing meals, caring for Gia and more.

And there is always time for you.
I never say “Darn, Why did they have to call now?”
I never feel frustrated or overwhelmed or demanded of, when someone asks for help.
I have given my life to God and to Good.
I have given my life that we all might have life more abundantly and more joyfully.
This is my purpose, my function and my life.

You are important. You are important to God, to me and to our global family.
You matter. Your health, happiness and purposeful living matter.
I receive and send these Loving Reminders for You.
I have an office and partners in wellness for you and me and All..
I take workshops and am always learning for you and me and All.
Remember You and I are in this life together.
You are part of my global family.
I am here to be with You.
So let me know whenever you have a need.

I will be honest about when I can be truly present with you.
I will trust that together with God there is nothing we cannot do.
I will take impeccable care of myself to the degree I am aware.
I will love you and me and all of us, through it all.

Never too busy for You,
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Love, Simply Love

When we know not what to do,
When things seem to be unraveling,
When mountains are too high to climb,
When lost in depression and fear,
Just love, simply Love.

When traffic is bad,
When noise is all around,
When pollution is everywhere,
Love, simply Love.

When you have argued and fought,
When finances are out of control,
When kids are unhappy and crying,
Love, simply Love.

When you have worked long hours,
When your muscles are achy and tired,
When you are so tired you can’t sleep,
Love simply Love.

To Love is to trust.
To Love is to appreciate.
To Love is to seek the Truth.
To Love is to reach out.
To Love is to have faith.
To Love is to envision with God.
To Love is to listen with all your heart.
To love is to keep giving.
To Love is to know “This too shall pass”.
To Love is to enjoy every moment.
To Love is to find the humor.
To Love is to take impeccable care of You.
To Love is to forgive all judgments.
To Love is to be here now.
To Love is to stop the fear, anger, and tears by asking, “What else can I do with the life energy I have?”
To Love is to Let go. Open your heart. Vent in private. Expect miracles.

I am loving You,
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 29, 2003


I have moved my offices two buildings back with same address, same phone number, now Suite #1000.
We are upstairs in the prosperity and power corner of Building “E” for Excellence in Loving Service.
We view trees out all our windows with southeastern exposure. Initially, I am partnering with a nutritionist and massage therapist and soon others who seek professional partnership, mentoring and creative collaboration to serve the Good of All. Yesterday we completed the move, decorated and feng shui’d our space. It is filled with light, beauty and Love. (Open House on December 21st.)

Who are your partners in life?
Who are your partners in love?
Who are you partners in healing?
Who are your partners in creativity?
What is true partnership for you?
How do you find willing ones to create partnership?

Prerequisites for partnership:
Common Vision or Desired Outcome
Honesty and Openness
Equality in Giving and Receiving
Willing teach and learn with one another.
Commitment to what is best for both parties.
Impeccable Self-Care.
Respect for themselves and for all others.
Responsibility: Able to Respond to what is needed with no guilt or blame.
Co-operation: Seeks to bring fairness, harmony, benefit and goodwill to all endeavors.

When you are ready and willing, your partners-in–training will arrive.
Partnerships are functional relationships.

You are my partners in Spirit,
Betty Lue

Friday, November 28, 2003

Feeling Safe

I am reminded how being safe and feeling safe may be two different things.
Are you safe in your home?
Are you safe in you car?
Are you safe with you Mom?
Are you safe on the streets?
Are you safe with your friends?
Are you safe in your dreams?
Are you safe in your body?
Are you safe in your mind?

What creates feeling safe?
Locked doors, having a gun, living in a locked community, having lots of police…?
Having faith, living a good life, having a positive attitude, knowing you are strong?
Is safety a product of circumstances, facts or faith?
Is safety a function of attitude, karma or coincidence?

If we believe nowhere are we safe, so it will feel.
If we believe we are safe everywhere, so it will seem.

“In my defenselessness, my safety lies.” (from A Course in Miracles) may mean that where we are worried, fearful, protective and defensive,we conjure up images of lack of safety in our mind and then are more likely to experience them in our experience.
Where we know, believe, and perceive safety, there we are likely to experience, “All is well”, no matter what the appearances.

When we know we are safe, we act, think, drive and live in ways that encourage safe conduct in ourselves and others. Where we believe we are safe with God, safe with faith, safe within our consciousness, we live in a manner which attracts others who are choosing the same and are willing to co-create a safe world. Safety is a product of our mind.
Loving, gentle and kind thoughts beget loving, kind and gentle emotions, behaviors and experiences.

You are safe in Love,
Betty Lue

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so grateful for everything.
What I resist, I learn to embrace.
What I fear, I learn to love.
What I avoid, I learn to confront.
What I doubt, I learn to trust.
What I enjoy, I learn to enhance.
What I believe, I learn to live.
What I teach, I learn.
What I receive, I learn to give.
What I create, I learn to appreciate.
I am learning from everything in life.

The greatest gifts for me are forgiveness, choice and gratitude.
With forgiveness, I can erase all misperceptions in my mind.
With choice, I can choose my focus and intention.
With gratitude, I can expand what I value.

I am grateful for you in my life.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Blessing All

Everyone in our lives is a gift.
Everyone is part of our sacred assignment.
Everyone represents some part of ourselves, either seeking love or offering love.
Everyone who comes into our lives even for a brief moment is an opportunity to bless and be blessed.
Every person and circumstance we experience is part of our response-ability.
We are on the rescue squad, the volunteer fire department, the parenting team, the spiritual awakening crew.
We are here to share what we have and receive even more than we can imagine.
For each time we reach out with healing forgiveness and loving gratitude it is we who are blessed.
We benefit.
We expand our consciousness.
We learn that giving is receiving.
We recognize the world is safe, when we are safe place.

This is an awesome and wondrous laboratory and projection screen.
What we give is reflected back and often magnified with our joy and appreciation.
What we imagine and conjure up in the inventive department of our minds becomes larger than life in our relationships.
The past experiments “gone wrong” were just a chance to see as a child would, “Woops! Let’s do that differently next time.”
It is time for us to lighten up on ourselves.
It is time to enjoy what comes our way and appreciate the value of every encounter.
It is time to let go of monetary compensation as the leader and let the reality of what is of lasting value be our guide.
It is time to be a friend to everyone, but especially to ourselves.
It is time to give thanks for all that is and know with ourgratitude comes inner peace.
It is time to bless and be blessed with every breath.

There is nothing of special importance. Every moment is important.
When we are awake, it is all important…every person, every situation and every moment.
May you be grateful for the gift of your life which you give to yourself daily.
I am giving thanks,
Betty Lue

Thanking you for living your life with consciousness, responsibility and freedom.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

More Light

When the world seems dark, we need more light.
When souls are discouraged, we need more light.
When fear is present, we need more light.
When conflict arises, we need more light.
When food is scarce, we need more light.
When times seem troubled, we need more light.
When relationships are strained, we need more light.
When time is limited, we need more light.
When we feel stressed, we need more light.

Light is awareness.
Light is being present.
Light is seeing what is.
Light is deLight.
Light is Joy.
Light is gratitude.
Light is a positive attitude.
Light is laughter.
Light is singing.
Light is celebration.
Light is forgiving all judgments.
Light is releasing all fear.
Light is making amends.
Light is beginning again.
Light is taking impeccable care of yourself.
Light is realizing we are all in this together.
Light is knowing we are never alone.

Remember You are the Light.
You bring the Light wherever you go.
Let your Light shine.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
(Thanks for sending me Light!)

Monday, November 24, 2003

Gratitude Everyday

We live in one of the wealthiest and most free nations in the world.
Are you rich? Are you free?
Do you appreciate the privileges you have?
Do you value the opportunities to be and do whatever pleases you?
As a people, do we complain or appreciate?
Do we value what we have or demand something better?
Is it our demands that increase our riches?
Is it a motivator to strive, to compete, to complain?
Are we greedy? Are we needy? Do we have plenty or do we lack?

What seems to be lacking is our appreciation.
What seems to be needed to realize our wealth is our gratitude.
What would give us a solid foundation on which to celebrate is our thanksgiving.

When we give thanks, we can see our blessings.
When we give thanks, we feel respect for our elders.
When we give thanks, we know where we stand.
When we give thanks, we enjoy the fruits of our labor.
When we give thanks, we trust in the future.
When we give thanks, we feel healed and feel whole.
When we give thanks, we know we have plenty.
When we give thanks, we can give generously to others.
When we give thanks, we are forgiving and loving.
When we give thanks, we are filled with hope and with Joy.
When we give thanks, we have nothing to prove.
When we give thanks. we are patient and kind.
When we give thanks, we stop worry and know peace.
When we give thanks, we trust all is well.
When we give thanks, we fell blessed and extend our blessing.
When we give thanks, we expand our experience and teach All.
Give thanks today and everyday.

Grateful for you and the Spirit that gives to us All,
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Light Heals

Have you noticed there is less light?
Have you felt sad or depressed?
Have you found hopelessness or fatigue setting in?
Does the world seem difficult and in despair?

Light workers unite.
Calling in Light.
No need for fright,
With Love in sight.

Yes, you and I can call on “more light” both within and without.
We need those who seek to share the Good, the beautiful and the Holy with our families and our world.
There is indeed a call to clear the clutter and the pain, to regain some sanity, harmony and Good Will.
When we have more light, we see the mess we have left.
When we have more light, we have more need to forgive.
When we have more light, there is more clearing to be done.
When we have more Light, we can make everything fun.
When we have more Light we will be of Good cheer.
When we have more light, we see Love is right here.

Let us be the Light Bearers and the Love Finders.
Let us be the ones being aware of our own dark corners of unconsciousness.
Let us be the ones offering more light with our forgiveness and healing.
Let us be the ones to bring enlightenment with our choice to see the Light.
Let us be the ones to Live and let live, to give and set free all those we see.
Let us be the ones who “shine, shine, shine all around our neighborhood.”
Let us be the ones to call forth more Light, wherever we see the dark.

Bringing Joy to you brings Joy to me,
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Clearing Habits and Addictions

What are your habits and addictions?
Worry, judging, talking on the phone, TV, reading, eating, cleaning, staying busy, isolating yourself, using stimulants or depressants, (marijuana, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, diet pills), exercise, sex, sweets or ??
All of us have habits which are either beneficial, destructive or distracting.
It is our choice about what habits to hold in place and which ones to clear.
Know that habits and addictions are learned.
They often handle, distract, numb or cover up inner hurt, anger or fear.
They are often used to assist the busy person to relax or the lazy person to accomplish something.
They may help the shy person become more social or cover the pain and fear of being alone, bored and isolated.
Habits and addictions are a coping mechanism to deal with the changes in life in an unconscious way.

If you are called to release a destructive or distracting habit or addiction, some helpful hints are:
Be aware of what your habits and addictions are.
Acknowledge or confess them to someone who will release them with you or write in a journal.
Forgive, release and let go of your limiting behaviors and beliefs.
Listen inside for how you can best support yourself in living on purpose with impeccable self care.
Affirm and state positively your new choices and commitments. 20 times daily written and spoken.
Accept the positive changes as they come into being.
Appreciate your willingness to do what is truly best for you.
Replace the limiting habits with ones that are positive.
Be gentle and forgiving of your clearing process.
Guilt tends to cause repeating the unwanted behavior.
Ask for help and support.
Honor yourself and your life journey.
Know you are helping to heal the limiting patterns of your family of origin.
When we are healed, we are not healed alone.
No shame. No blame. No guilt.
Simply claim your Highest Good.
Forgive and Choose Again.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, November 21, 2003

Just Say “YES”

Saying No” requires so much more energy than saying “YES.
Have you ever thought that “No” comes from fear and resistance?
Many times I have said, “God is the Voice that says ‘Yes’.”

In working with parents, there are many occasions in which it is quickest and easiest just to say ”No” . However, the resultant resistance and hurt is not worth the ease. Saying ‘no” often leads to more of the same…. a temper tantrum or endless questions about “Why?” or even more requests with a variety of tactics to get their own way. Children have a persistence and resilience which leads to an unlimited repertoire.
If saying “No” is your usual response to whatever disagrees with your own choices, it may be wise to reconsider.
“No” is the voice of fear, resistance, fixed opinions, being in a hurry, too busy to listen, needing to be right, and taking control.
“My way or the Highway” may tell more truth than we realize.
Our limited viewpoint may be from our egoic fear, when we could listen to the High Truth and come from Love.

When invited to respond to another’s request, it is healing to listen for how you can say “YES”.
How can you be encouraging and supportive?
How can you find a way to join with the other?
How can you be the voice of trust and freedom, the voice of Love?
How can you see from the other’s viewpoint.
How can you forgive the past and see with new eyes.?
How can you try out a new position?
How can you give the other permission to do what they want and have the full experience?
How can you let go of your own judgment and help the other explore?

To simply say ”No” often creates a barrier, a separation, a vote of no confidence, a sign of distrust, a hierarchy of command.
The healing preference in relationships which are growing in Love is to open the door to intimacy, to drop the illusion of separation, to be confident and trusting, to see what the win/win solution might be.
Look for a way to say “Yes”.
Ask questions.
Listen for their underlying goal.
Take time to clear your own past limitations.
Seek another way.
Choose a response in which everyone wins.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Are You Home Yet?

Where is “home” for you?
Where do you belong?
Where do you feel safe and comfortable?
Where do you feel wanted and needed?
Where are you free to fully express yourself?
Where is it easy just to “Be”?
Where can you relax and feel grateful for life?
Where are you spontaneous and creative?
Where do you fit?
Where do you feel loved and valued?
Where are you surrounded with reflections of your self?
In what environment do you feel is most pleasing for you?
With whom do you feel most invited to actualize yourself.?
With what activities do you feel most enlivened?

Everyone defines home differently. Some have never experienced that feeling. Some are waiting for heaven. Some create “home” wherever they are. Some are fully at home with one person. Some create “home “ for others. In order to give, we must first have. What you want is yours to create. What you create for yourself you can model, demonstrate and create for others.

At home with You,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

All Relationships are for Healing

All relationships are for the purpose of healing our perceptions.
All relationships are an opportunity to heal our minds.
Whether a relationship with a love, a guru, a teacher, a child, the weather, our government, our body, creatures of this earth or a concept like mental illness, all relationships are to heal ourselves and our opinion, beliefs and attitudes.
Wherever there is a lack of love, there is a call for love.
Wherever there is fear, there is judgment.
Wherever there is judgment, there is fear.
Wherever there is fear, there is a call for Love.
Love heals.
Love releases judgment.
Love brings peace.
Love transforms our perception, just as fear and judgment distort our perception.

To heal our relationships is to let go of the past.
To heal our relationships is to look on all things and people with the eyes of Love.
With Love, we see things differently.
With Love, we acknowledge responsibility for our perception and our experience.
With Love, we know we can be love seekers instead of fault finders.
With Love in us, we trust in right outcome ins which everyone wins.
With Love in us, we never quit on Love.
With Love in us, we let go of defensiveness.
With Love in us, we are gentle, patient and tolerant.
With Love in us, we are generous and open-minded.
With Love in us, we trust in the process of healing our attitude and our mind.
With Love in us we become aware of our unconscious patterns and forgive the past.
With Love in us, we break the habit of blame and guilt.
With Love in us, we are filled with Joy and Faith.
With Love in us, we are at Peace.

Loving You always, as I heal my perceptions and see only Love,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Thanking You

You are the gift of life.
You are forgiven and forgiving.
You are the reason for my being here.
You are the joy which makes my heart sing.
You are the sunshine in my life.
You are the invitation to teach and learn.
You are the call to share all that I have.
You are the gift that keeps on giving.
You are a reservoir of Infinite possibility.
You are a work of art.
You are ever new and renewed in my sight.
You are the beautiful and the bountiful.
You are my provider and my source.
You are a generous resource from which I receive all Good.
You are unspeakable Love to me and for me.
In you I see my whole self, and I know God.

Always loving you.
Betty Lue

Monday, November 17, 2003

It is All Small Stuff

Life is a relative experience and an experiment in relativity.
If all you have is small stuff, some of it may seem to be huge.
If all we have is big stuff, some of it may seem small.
“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and it is all small stuff” is a popular quote from Richard Carlson’s book.

My life is full of stuff- selling our home in the Valley of the Moon, my younger daughter getting married in April, buying and renewing a condo in Walnut Creek near Robert’s Mom where we will live as of Dec. 11, caring for Gia weekdays from 5AM until school time leasing my own office space, beginning a holistic partnership with a nutritionist and body worker, plus others who may join us for success mentoring , planning a full 2004 schedule of counseling, classes and travel for teaching, encouraging Robert in finding a retirement lifestyle that promotes peace of mind, physical healing and creative spirit, honoring the call of the world around me while taking impeccable care of my essential Self. There is always responding to phone calls, home visits, emails, taking and offering workshops, mentoring other health-care professionals, travelling to teach and love and serve, sending prayers of gratitude to the beauty in nature, healing my perceptions of a world in crisis and transformation, and being right here with You.

I ask for your help, your conscious joining in whatever ways you are guided.
As you extend your positive respect and affirmation to me, you receive it for yourself.
What you give to me, you will expand in your own affairs .
My constant support is that of Spirit, the voice within by which I am directed, inspired and loved without ceasing.
It is with this spiritual support that I know I am not alone.
It is with this inner support that I know it is all the same.
It is by observing, experimenting and following the course of my life that I know there is no order in miracles.
It is by your thoughts, words and deeds that I know the activity of spirit on this Earth.
You are the physical presence of God’s Love for me and for those many others you support.
Love provides. Love heals. Love shares. Love remembers. Love listens. Love gives. Love serves. Love is grateful.
Love calls me to be present, aware, trusting and responding with the Highest and Best I know.
I am . … Conscious, Responsible and Free.

We are in relationship, you and I, to support, encourage, model, demonstrate, teach, learn, heal, give, receive and be together to earn our graduation.
What you share you increase.
What you give you receive.
What you pay attention to, you grow in your consciousness and your life.
I give the best I have in each situation to everyone.
I allow my inner voice to guide me on paths I cannot know or understand.
I trust I am guided, supported and well-provided.

Letting go of trying to understand, control, or figure it all out,
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Lack of Peace Calls for Change

I have noticed that being upset, agitated and unpeaceful is a signal that a change is coming.

Like weather which offers storms causing fear and resistance, so emotional weather has storms which we fear, judge and resist. What if internal weather turbulence is merely a signal that change is being called forth.
When we resist the changes, the turbulence may increase.

When someone is passive and compliant, there may be a need to free oneself from the unconscious position of letting it all go.
There may be an unsettling call to set oneself free to express, to forgive, to make a new choice, to speak up or change one’s mind. What worked for years may no longer work.
What was OK may no longer be OK.
What others accept may not fit with our principles, values and beliefs.

When we are upset, it is appropriate to stop and ask ourselves what is really going on.
Where are we off purpose or compromising our beliefs or values?
Watching TV while eating dinner may be OK for a period of time until we see our family no longer communicates.
Going along with our friends choice of movies may work until we have nightmares about the last one they chose.
Driving faster than the speed limit may be fun, until we see a bad accident.
Keeping our mouth shut while observing a parent disciplining a child may be tolerable, until we see some hitting or abuse.
Eating whatever we feel like eating may be great, until we cannot fit into our new suit.

When I have an inner agitation, I know that a change is coming.
It may be a change of mind, a change of attitude, a change of schedule or lifestyle, a change of association or activities.
I look forward to the change, as I release what was, without guilt or blame.

Where is it time for change in your life?

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 15, 2003

What do You Do With Your Stuff?

We all have 'stuff' to deal with.
Life is about learning how to deal with the stuff in life.
What you do with your stuff and how you deal with the stuff that comes up for you says a lot about how fun, safe and easy your life will be.

Some people bury their stuff.
Some people deny it.
Some people celebrate their stuff.
Others try to refine it.
Some people manifest more stuff.
Some intensify it.
Some people resist their stuff.
Some just criticize it.
Some people blame God for their stuff.
Some ask God to fix it.
Some people feel ashamed of their stuff.
Others just hide it.
What do you do with your stuff?

Do you contemplate your stuff?
Do you chew on it for a life time?
Do you try to categorize your stuff or justify it?
Do you enjoy your stuff?
Do you pray about it?
Do your treat it or affirm it?
Do you breathe through your stuff?
Do you transform it?
Do you embrace it and heal it?
Do you forgive it and a look for the gift?

If we define our identity by our stuff, why would we ever want to let it go?
Betty Lue

Friday, November 14, 2003

What Can You Do?

When someone needs help, what can you do?
Whether a physical ailment, financial distress, an emotional cry for help, relationship conflict or mental illness, we feel called to help, support, serve or fix, change and advise.
First, let your fear be forgiven and let your love, hope and faith preside.
Fear distorts, confuses, holds and affirms the problem.
Love is clear, centered, focused and affirms the solution.
Love sees and believes in the wholeness, goodness and Gift within.
What is perceived is strengthened in ourselves and the other.

What we can do is change our minds.
What we can do is offer affirmation.
What we can do is perceive Divine outcome.
What we can do is remember Love.
What we can do is trust in the solution.
What we can do is pray.
What we can do is hold the image of perfection.
What we can do is be at peace.
What we can do is be wholly present.
What we can do is know all is well.
What we can do is listen within.
What we can do is serve the other’s best interests.
What we can do is love as we would want to be loved.
What we can do is to listen to the other.
What we can do is offer our support.
What we can do is believe in the other’s right to choose.
What we can do is let go.
What we can do is know all is well.
What we can do is celebrate freedom of choice.
What we can do is Love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember God and Good.

Loving you in doing all you can do,
Betty Lue

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Respectful Interaction

In this fast paced and often “taking for granted” world, we may lose respect for ourselves and our loved ones without even noticing. Often there are familial habits from our childhood that are unconsciously repeated in our home relationships.
Respectful communication is of value for each individual’s well being, as well as a necessity for the success of the relationship.
Helpful Reminders:
Get permission to speak before interrupting another’s activities.
Wait to be acknowledged. Knock before entering, etc.
Recognize the value of the other’s time and attention.
Don’t assume you come first.
Ask for what you want with openness to an honest response.
Recognize “No” means nothing about the degree of Love or approval.
Never go to bed without clearing the upset.
When upset, take responsibility for your own feelings.
Take time alone when needed.
Sit and ask yourself (The real reason I am upset is….. ) Let your ego vent.
Ask Spirit, “What is the real reason for my upset and how do I heal?”
Share your personal awareness with the other, when of learning value to the relationship.
Remember to consistently to say “Please” and “Thank you.”
“ I am sorry for your upset.” “I apologize for my error” is of value in healing.
Be real, open and honest in your communication.
If you have time to talk, say so. If not, say so and let the other know when might be a better time.
Make appointments for quality communication.
Plan on at least weekly conversations to take a look at the quality of the relationship and how you might improve.
Take responsibility for yourself, without trying to fix, change or argue with the other.
Arguments consume energy. No need to argue unless you enjoy it.
State you opinion or position clearly with as much emotion as you feel.
Ask the other to state their position. Let go of trying to agree.
Agree to disagree. It is natural to see and respect different points of view.
The more we respect and honor ourselves, the more we respect and honor others.
The more we respect and honor ourselves, the more others respect and honor us.
The more we respect and honor ourselves, the more others respect and honor themselves.
High self-esteem people trust sharing differing points of view without losing other’s love.
To love someone is to believe in their right to choose what is best for them.
To love someone is to earnestly encourage them to explore and discover what way is best for them.
To love someone is to trust in their choices, even though they may not be yours.
To love someone is to free the other person to live life their way without trying to control or “guilt” them into following your way.
There is much more....... (Free conscious Relating Workshop this Sunday.)
Take a look at what you can choose or change in your patterns which will have the most positive effect on the quality of your relationship with others.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Saving OneSelf

Are you here to save the world?
Are you here to save yourself?
Are you here to serve others or to serve Your Self?

Only when you are whole and happy and free can you fully serve others?
First things first. Our gifts have the greatest impact and generate the least guilt in the receiver when we have first taken impeccable care of ourselves. We are strongest when we are neither leaning forward nor bending backwards. When we stand in integrity, without over extending nor withholding, we are more assured of a positive result for all concerned. Consider giving to yourself first. Make sure your needs are met. Make sure you are conscious and clear when you contribute to the awakening and well-being of others.

“Giving to get” yields a mixed and confusing message. Waiting for the another’s grateful response or expecting something in return creates an imbalance for giver and receiver. The message we are giving and receiving is that we are needy and denying ourselves in giving what we need. Sacrifice and martyrdom set up guilt and fear in the receiver and disappointment and covert resentment in the giver.

Consider, all that is given is received in the giving.
Consider, everything we give to another is given to ourselves.
Consider, any help given is affirming the abundance we have.
Consider, giving is merely opening the flow of what is real and abundant within.
Consider, how we perceive another is how they learn to perceive themselves.
Consider, what we give to our brother is what we want given to us.
Consider, a drowning man cannot save another drowning man.
Yes, there are times when we are called to lay down our life for another. When done with joy, it is truly an act of Love.

Give from the fullness of Love and the gift will be unconditional Love,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

End of Illusion (11:11 Portal)

What is the End of Time?
When we are complete within the concept of linear time and dimensional space, we will live in no time and no distance.
All will be present right now. For the usual way of thinking, this seems a fantasy, science fiction at its best.
Imagine that what we have created here is a learning laboratory in which everything is drawn out on a visual screen, so that we can over time assess our choices and where they lead.
Imagine that we are using this paradigm as an opening to the unlimited possibility of creation.
Imagine that as we grow into full responsibility for our creations, we can assert our choice for a purity of Love and Goodness so complete all darkness and Lack of Love will disappear.

Some say how boring.
Others relate that they prefer the drama and intensity of duality.
Others comment, “Why would we have a need or desire to be or do or create anything?”
Indeed, the tension of intention generates possibility and movement.
So in the absence of something we say we want, no need to move to make it happen.

The end of time will be when we have all “gotten” what we are here for...
to remember the limitless possibility of our consciousness and the unconditionality of our love.

Yes, what we seek already is.
We are exploring and remembering what will never cease to be.
Loving, listening and learning endlessly ( for the pure joy of Loving),
Betty Lue

Monday, November 10, 2003

Forgive and Move On

When you experience betrayal, attack, being offended or deceived, forgive and move on as easily and quickly as possible.
To hold judgments, resentment and fear is to hold yourself hostage to the past.
The faster and more easily one can forgive and release the past, the more free one is to fully live in the present.

Every entanglement with the past takes energy.
Every judgment of the past drains energy,
Every ghost from the past is a distraction.
Every analysis of past events holds attention away from the fulfillment of now.
Past mistakes and shortcomings keep us in the same habit of mind that caused them.
(The past may be yesterday or the last hour!)

Where there is unforgiveness, there is unconsciousness.
Where there is unforgiveness, there is dis-ease.
Where there is unforgiveness, there is grief.
Where there is unforgiveness, there is vulnerability.

To forgive is to heal oneself.
To forgive is to open the flow of energy.
To forgive is to gain a new perspective.
To forgive is to set oneself free.
To forgive is a new beginning.
To forgive is to release negative attachment.
Forgiveness is a gift to One Self.
To err is human. To forgive is Divine.

Forgive and move on,
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 09, 2003

This is Your Day

How are you spending your day?
Are you following your heart and doing what you love?
Are you following your head and doing what you must?
Are you living with inspiration or living by obligation?

How you spend this day is an affirmation of who you believe you are.
The way you spend time, money and energy confirms what you value.
When you live and give from the Spirit of Joy within, your day begins and ends with freedom and gratitude.
When you live and give for the sake of getting the money, the love and attention you want, you affirm your lack and neediness.
When you give All for the sheer joy of creating Good and offering the blessing of your Love, you experience always more of the same. How we perceive our world and our relationship. as cause and creator or at effect and victim, determines our daily experiences.

Consider giving this day to God.
Consider going with the flow, doing what comes naturally and easily.
Consider being present for yourself and others.
Consider tuning in and inviting spirit, your inner inspiration to lead all the activities or inactivity of the day.
Consider affirming and confirming the miracles of conscious loving.
Consider enjoying each moment, every relationship and all your happy creations and projects.
Consider giving your day to Good, your Good and the Good of All.

Miracles happen when we give the miracle of our Love,
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Harmonic Concordance..

What is there to heal?
What is there to see?
What is this New World we are co-creating?
Where do you and I begin?

To bring harmony into our consciousness we must recognize and acknowledge where there is disharmony. To be in accord with our fellow beings and all life, we must confess our conflicts, hurts and resentments. To build a new way of being in relationship, we must clear the old, confusing and unhealthy ways.

Wherever there is pain is calling for healing.
Wherever there is fear, there is a call for love.
Wherever there is sorrow is a call for comfort.
Wherever there is war is a call for peace.
Wherever there is loneliness is calling for friendship.
Wherever there is hunger is a call for real nourishment.
Wherever there is hardship is a call for gentleness.
Wherever there is lack of purpose and meaning is a call for inspiration.
Wherever there is heartache is a call for forgiveness.
Wherever there is ignorance is a call for education.
Wherever there is attachment is a call for letting go.
Wherever there is sin is a call for spiritual redirection.
Wherever there is arrogance is a call for True knowledge.
Wherever there is fatigue, rest is being called.
Wherever we feel lacking is calling for living abundantly.
Wherever we feel little, we are called to recognize our magnificence.
Wherever we feel limited, is calling for us to be free.

You see, in the end, where there is a need, there is simply a call for loving intention and attention.
Listen within and you will hear how to respond to the Call.
Goodness is calling You. Listen and take responsibility.
You are free to respond, only when you are willing and able.

I am willing to be conscious.
I am willing to be responsible.
I am free to choose how to respond.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, November 07, 2003

Ready to Ascend in Consciousness?

What do you need to forgive?
What do you need to heal?
Where do you want to make amends?
Who do you need to appreciate?
Where do you need to respect yourself?
Why is it you are not wholly loving you?
How can you come to peace?

To be ready for the freedom that comes from ascension in our minds is to
find honorable closure with what has been in the past. We are each
responsible for the quality of our lives. When we are willing to take
responsibility for what we experience, we begin to ask how we can forgive
ourselves and choose again to create a better way. As we seek to let go and
love again more consciously without guilt and blame, we experience the joy
of freedom and co-creation.

I seek to be inspired.
I seek to support myself in being inspired by inspiring myself and others.
I choose a life that is filled with Spirit and remembering what is whole
and Holy.
I seek to realize and know God in You and me and All That Is.
I seek to enjoy the gifts of Spirit in each day with a gratitude and
I seek to embrace myself in more kind and gentle ways, being patient with my
process, forgiving my mistakes, healing self-made wounds and freeing my
mistaken limitations.

I am whole Now. I am happy Now. I am free Now.
Choose again and experience the freedom of choice.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Doing Time?

Why are you here?
Are you “doing time”?
Is life a prison for you?
Are you serving a life sentence?
Is there a way you feel trapped in life?
Are you paying a debt to society?
Are you here to save or serve others?
Are you bored and seeking adventure?
Have you found meaning and purpose?
Is this a school which inspires you?
Are you creative and free?
Are you learning and growing?
Are you contributing to a Higher Purpose?
Are you observing and intrigued?
Are you playing with possibilities?
Is there honesty, fairness, and benefit for you?
Do you wish you could be somewhere else?
Are you waiting for a pardon or release?
Is there mental suffering in daily life?
Are you ignored, criticized or depended on?
Are you the jailer or the inmate with others?
Have you been judge and jury?
Who or what are you hoping to change?

What can you do right now?
How can you change the quality of your life ?
How can you think, speak and act that will awaken you?
How can you lift your consciousness to be totally willing?
Are you willing to be wholly responsible for your whole life?
Are you willing to forgive the past?
Are you willing to be conscious, responsible and free?
In your willingness is your freedom and joy.
In this lies the peace of God.

In peace,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The End of Blaming the Guru

The time of setting up someone or something to save us is over.
The time of making someone better than you is done.
The time of giving credit to others for your healthy choices is finished.
You are to shine like the Sun and the Son.
Give yourself credit where credit is due. And take full responsibility when that belongs to You.

When we give someone or something responsibility for our happiness, our health, our salvation, we also can blame them and excuse ourselves when we are not receiving what we have asked for. This dual edge sword places consciousness, responsibility and authority outside our own lives and designates another to provide for what we need.
Yes, we all have pieces of the hologram. Yes, we all are teachers for one another.
Yes, we all can offer suggestions and creative solutions.
Yes, we all are walking together on the path to greater awareness of our Oneness and Love.
Yes, we are healers and supporters, cheerleaders and friends.
Yes, we can all choose to say YES or say No.
But when it comes right down to it, only You can choose what is right for You.
Only You know where you are in your life journey.
Only You are responsible for your consciousness. To be conscious is to be wholly responsible.
Only You can make the choice to love or to fear.
Only you can be cloudy or clear.
Only You can choose to give and receive Love.
Only You will give yourself the best and forget the rest.

As I have watched the myth of the guru, the worship of outside authority ( doctor, teacher, preacher, sports star, money, the rich and the famous), I have seen how we give credit and place blame. I have seen how we place on a pedestal and then pull out the rug. I have seen how easy it is to admire and then crucify. I have seen how to stay unconscious by gossiping, complaining and finding fault about the principal or director, the board, the spouse, the government, the weather, the law, the x-ray or test rather than take responsibility for our choices. Rather than give authority to another person or thing, take full responsibility for your choices. No one and nothing can choose your state of mind, your state of consciousness, or your state of Love.

Now is the time to be conscious and responsible. Now is the time to give full credit to yourself for choosing who and how your trust, who you let make decisions for you and how you choose to live. Taking responsibility can be frightening to our ego when we are unhappy with the life we have. Taking responsibility for our lives can be exhilarating with freedom as we forgive our past unconsciousness.

Loving you mightily,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Shift is Happening

Are you noticing changes within?
Are you seeing the unexpected in others?
Are you feeling the pull to express or heal ?
Are you being urged to create your life anew?
Are you being called to make amends?
Are you feeling feisty and assertive?
Are you needing to rest and renew?
Are you noticing the intensity in others?
Are you seeking the High Truth in All?
Are you aware of some inner shifts?

Some say, the veils are thinning between the illusion of duality and the
reality of unity.
Some say, these are the “end times” and some will ascend while others will
hold their course.
Some say, we are in a very dark period and need to remember the Light and
Love of God and Goodness within.
Some say, we can use this and all time as an opportunity to heal the past
and awaken to perfect Love in the present.
Some say, this is the time to wake up and take responsibility for all we are
and have and do by being fully conscious and at choice.

The possibility now, as in all time, is for us to awaken, to be open and
willing, to stay true to our Higher Calling, to live in Love and give with
Joy, that All might see and seek the Love of God within.

We are here now.
We are free now.
We have chosen now and can choose again.
Forgive what was and choose for what will be.


Bless you and your willingness to be free.
Betty Lue

This month of November is being designated as a significant time in human
consciousness. November 8th full moon eclipse and Nov. 23 Solar eclipse and
other dates as well. All is an excuse to show up, pay attention, tell the
High Truth and detach from the outcome.
Let Go with forgiveness, gratitude and blessing.
Let God and the intrinsic Goodness within All be the guide for our lives.
Blessed be all.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Time to Let Go and Flow!

Changes are here.
Life is to clear what is inter-fearing with our full self realization and inner peace.
Wherever you have attachment, let go.
Whatever is distracting, detouring and delaying let go.
Wherever you are confused and disillusioned, let go.
When you are hurt or in grief, let go.
When you have counted on an outcome, let go.
When you are angered or impatient let, go.
When you have judged or criticized, let go.

To be in the flow is to wholly let go.
Letting go asks of us our Trust in the Highest Good.
Letting go seeks to be free of what does not serve.
Letting go is a choice to be in love right now.
Letting go is a gift of mind to relinquish control.
Letting go really asks nothing and gives us everything.
However, the illusion is that in letting go we will lose everything.
Remember, what is meant to be yours always returns.
What is real cannot be lost.
What is a gift and a blessing can never leave. I
t is always with us as a gentle loving reminder of the Goodness and Love we are.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy So let go.

Letting go daily,
Betty Lue

PS This past week has been a time of trying on 3 new email systems and two new servers. Email lists hopefully will be in tact and full working order in another few days. Apologies for double mailings or none at all. Let me know if there is an error in your mailings and I will attempt to correct. Letting go and going with the flow. Always loving you.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

I am loving you and all is well.
Time to remember to love no matter what.
Time to be grateful for what is no matter what.
Time to extend peace to all no matter what.
Yes, it is time!
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

What Is My Calling?

I was asked yesterday, "What is my dream? What is my calling?" 
In the midst of all my doingness and service, where am I going? What inner direction am I choosing?"

I recognized before I could answer, I once again needed to wash away all past history to see clearly, for in the past is both disappointment and triumph, sorrow and ecstasy. In order to see clearly the sun shining goal in my heart, I must forgive the clouds of disillusionment and be willing to see and be the Light and live in deLight. The last five years in California I have been on sabatical, taking a vacation from full Self-realization. I have been living a more ordinary life in an extraordinary way. I have supported Robert for four years in his financial consulting business and ministry, and now am supporting him in fully embracing and coming to peace with major health challenges. I am supporting my grand daughter and my son-in-law, as my daughter went through medical school and now has entered surgical residency living near the hospitals where she works long hours and is on call through the night. I have been supporting the ordained ministers of Reunion and those whom I have mentored over the years by traveling to MI, IN and NC for workshops and retreats. I am supporting you and hundreds around the globe with these daily Loving Reminders. I am supporting the Reunion Centers in Pleasant Hill and Michigan with my consciousness and participation as I am invited. I am supporting the many clients whom I coach and counsel as well as the students whom I inspire, educate and encourage to be their best self. I am supporting Partners in Health, a holistic team of professionals who seek to serve their community with education, inspiration and alternative resources for optimal health. I am supporting our mothers, both of whom are very independent and contribute mightily to their communities through volunteer service, ministry and leadership. Everyday I am supportive with prayer, home visits, phone calls, email and correspondence, as well as invitations to help. It is my great joy to help my daughter, Hilarie , clean her first new home in readiness for moving in this week. I am supportive with hugs, with loans, with advice, with listening, with smiles, with humor, with total faith in God and Good. And throughout this supporting role, I am supporting me, Betty Lue, by loving, affirming, enjoying and valuing everything I am and do, including baking, cleaning house, doing laundry and paying bills and all the other beautiful ordinary activities of daily life.

Yes, I am supporting you. I am loving you. I believe in each one and everyone, one by one.

Who am I? I am a community builder. I build community within and without. I believe we must respect ourselves and one another. I believe we must be able to respond to the call at any time by taking exquisite care of ourselves. I belive we are here to learn to cooperate as we live and work together, play and serve together, create and celebrate together. I am teaching and demonstrating, inspiring and educating, modeling and co-creating sustainable loving successful relationships in which the best in everyone is respected, honored and blessed by all. Love is trust and freedom for me. I am a loving reminder, living trust and living freedom. I celebrate my life. I celebrate the part I play. I am honored and appreciative of being me.

Loving you with total support for the Gift You Are in my global community,
Betty Lue

I want you to know that You support me by learning and teaching, by giving and receiving, by contributing and creating, by being whole and happy and free. I am respecting you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Fun, Safe and Easy Choices

When I am deciding which house to buy, I take a couple of hours to look at what is available in the time frame I have with the specs that fit our lifestyle. I make my choice in a few minutes (this time it was 10 minutes of looking and “feeling” the condo and seeing about 10 other choices. I deliberated with Robert and inner guidance for less that 15 minutes. And when done, it was done. With my new office space, it took less that five minutes to know.

The important decisions in life are not about where I live, but how I live. It is not important about how much money, but how much I trust what I need is provided. It is not so important about where I work, but how much Light I bring to the work I do.

The real choices I make everyday are:
How do I choose to relate to my world?
How am I living each moment?
How do I stay focused on what is present?
Am I willing to be happy and at peace?
How do I consistently remember Love?

When I forget, I move quickly through worldly stuff to get on to what “matters” to me. I may miss the opportunity to Love now.

I am loving you right now and every Now.
Betty Lue

“Enlightenment is living each moment as the only moment of Love.”