Thursday, November 06, 2003

Doing Time?

Why are you here?
Are you “doing time”?
Is life a prison for you?
Are you serving a life sentence?
Is there a way you feel trapped in life?
Are you paying a debt to society?
Are you here to save or serve others?
Are you bored and seeking adventure?
Have you found meaning and purpose?
Is this a school which inspires you?
Are you creative and free?
Are you learning and growing?
Are you contributing to a Higher Purpose?
Are you observing and intrigued?
Are you playing with possibilities?
Is there honesty, fairness, and benefit for you?
Do you wish you could be somewhere else?
Are you waiting for a pardon or release?
Is there mental suffering in daily life?
Are you ignored, criticized or depended on?
Are you the jailer or the inmate with others?
Have you been judge and jury?
Who or what are you hoping to change?

What can you do right now?
How can you change the quality of your life ?
How can you think, speak and act that will awaken you?
How can you lift your consciousness to be totally willing?
Are you willing to be wholly responsible for your whole life?
Are you willing to forgive the past?
Are you willing to be conscious, responsible and free?
In your willingness is your freedom and joy.
In this lies the peace of God.

In peace,
Betty Lue