Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You Are So Beautiful!

Affirmations:  Remember to use affirmations liberally every time you forget.
I love and delight in the miracle I Am.
I see the love and beauty in you and me.
I release all fear and return to love easily and quickly.
I now see myself as healed, whole and holy.
Love begets only Love, therefore, I Am Love.

You are amazing!
You are a miracle!
You are precious!
You are worthy of all Good things!

Have you ever really looked at yourself as a Gift?
Have you ever seen the miracle of life that lives as you?
Have you ever treated yourself as precious and beautiful?
Have you ever know that you only deserve Goodness in life?

We learn to see ourselves as our parents saw and treated us.
We learn to see ourselves as our parents saw and treated themselves.
We learn to see ourselves in the same way we see and treat others.
We learn to see ourselves as we were taught and believe and live.

Usually our first source of Love and affirmation is our parents.
Therefore, we unconsciously saw them as God or the Ones Who know.
The ways they talked to or talked with , touched, fed and saw us often becomes our “truth”.
Because most parents do not LOVE themselves, they do not know how to see their children with Love.

Life work is often to forgive  and erase everything we believed that was really untrue.
We often need to forgive our parents and the situation as children.
We may need to forgive the many incidents of “lack of love” in our lives.
Most of all, we must forgive ourselves for believing we are unworthy of Love.

When we are programmed to feel inadequate and invisible, we may act small and go unnoticed.
When we believe we are slow at learning and not good looking, we may not do well in school.
When we buy into the need to conform and agree with others, we may lose our way.
When we cannot find appreciation, trust, respect and love for ourselves, it is difficult to feel loved.

It is time to stop the nonsense and return to Love.
It is your time to shine your light and realize the Love You Are.
It is time to erase all the unkind thoughts, words and behavior toward yourself.
It is time to replace all the negative with positive images, feelings and activities

You may need to dig through layers of grief and regret, fear and hurt, anger and resentment.  
Use the tool of forgiveness to clear quickly and easily.  
Then you will find the gold, pure goodness within.  

You are meant to love yourself profoundly.
You are here to love your whole self truly.
You are called to clean up everything unloving.
You are on this earth to shine your Light and share your Love.

Give yourself the Gift today.
Commit to Love You!
Commit to be True to You!
Commit to shine like the Sun!

I am loving you in always remembering to Love you.

Betty Lue