Saturday, October 19, 2013

Every Relationship Matters

I commit to give and receive the best I know to everyone.
I trust my thoughts, words and behavior make a difference.
I want everyone to have the good life I have and more.
I appreciate the blessings I offer to everyone including myself.

Each relationship you have is yours to create.
Each relationship tells you about your relationship with yourself.
Each relationship can be positive, negative or neutral.
Each relationship is a gift from which to learn or receive the blessing.

Everyone you encounter or talk with or think of makes a difference in our world.
When you are happy, others catch your happiness.
When they are happy, others catch their happiness.
When all are happy, we all are blessed.

What can you do today, one by one, with each one you encounter?
What are you willing to share that will be a blessing to all?
How can you make today the best day of your life and theirs?
Are you willing to be the One to offer the blessing to every One?

Be aware that your peace brings peace.
Notice that you smile can make another smile, too.
Awaken yourself to the difference you make for others.
Appreciate the good you create with your Goodness.

Take responsibility for creating the relationships you have.
Create with your thoughts and words and activities.
Eradicate the images, speck and behavior your don’t want.
Express appreciation for all you like and want to see.

I thanked the grocery store manager for the cleanliness and order while here on vacation.
He grinned and blushed with appreciation.
I appreciated the environmental consciousness of Hawaii with the grocery store clerk and helper.
They were amazed and said most people complain.
I silently appreciated the bus driver for reminding people not to smoke near the bus stop.
I look out my window and thank the sun and sky and ocean and trees and birds.
I appreciate my partner for being a loving reminder and gift to me everyday in every way.
I enjoy my physical vehicle by feeding it with healthy energy-giving food and keep it doing Good.
I so love to write what I hear and know and live inside and in outer expression.

Life continues to bless me, as I fully love and appreciate every relationship.
Relationships with food, computer, the warm breeze, time and good feelings are all equally important.
Appreciate all you are and have and do and know it all comes back to you in every relationship.
Your relationship with your whole life makes a healing and Holy difference to us all.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Recommendations for All Relationships 
With mates, partners, friends, children, co-workers, etc.

Keep your agreements faithfully.
(Communicate changes honestly and immediately.)

Give more than you expect to receive. 
Do more than your “fair” share.

Receive everything with open appreciation.
Express your thanks sincerely and take nothing for granted.

Live your own life in integrity and on purpose.
Clarify, communicate and live your mission, your path, your principles and values.  

Be responsible for yourself, your work and live your life impeccably. 
Don’t expect others to pick up after you or take care of you.

Stop using, blame, criticism or guilt to control or manipulate.
Stop making demands, threats or using neediness to get your way.

Communicate effectively and respectfully.
Request a time and place and tone of voice that works for both parties.

Be your best self in all circumstances.
Focus always on teaching by example. (and apologize immediately when you forget or neglect.)

Use your time together wisely.
Focus on meaningful, positive and inspiring conversation and activities.

Spend time, money, energy and resources only on what you value and want to increase.
Waste nothing in your relationship.  No arguing, pettiness, emotional dumping or negativity.

As circumstances change, there is a need to re-commit to what works for all participants.
Families need to meet to look at the specific needs of each individual to be at their best.
Couples need to ensure that the relationship is “serving all parties.
Business partners need to return to their original agreement and consider changing roles as needed.

Life requires that we be in relationship.
With respect for ourselves and each other there is open communication.
With responsibility for the quality of our relationships, there is a willingness to seek what works for all.
With cooperation there is encouragement to listen for ways to serve the needs of everyone.
When everyone WINS, the relationships are harmonious, peaceful and enjoyable.