Sunday, June 24, 2007

Setting Your Intention

Goal setting is aligning your mental, physical and spiritual energy with a specific focus.
The work is to clear all the apparent obstacles in the way.
The clearing is individual with breath, forgiveness, affirmation, inner guidance and trust.
The process requires vision, faith, desire, commitment, strategy, action and gratitude.

When we align with Spirit, with God and with Goodness, we recognize and naturally release what is not.
When we envision Peace, we immediately feel and express Peace.
When we trust in Higher Power, we let go of doubt and fear.
When we come with passion and desire to our set intention, we give All to have All.
When we are committed to our Highest Experience we persist, withholding nothing.
When we use a spiritual plan to fulfill our intention, nothing can interfere.
When we are willing to act with wisdom and courage, we feel confident and inner-directed.
When we are open-minded and appreciative, we see, feel and know all is well. And so it is.

Often humanity is ruled by history, guided by fear and supported by those who doubt.
Often people let their emotional state be their guide, only to realize the outcome they feared.
When we let limiting beliefs guide our path, the predictable outcome is to recreate our history.
To create a new outcome, we must forgive the past, return to love and trust and listen to spirit within.

Design your own life strategy. Begin with the end in mind.
What is it you want to achieve, experience and/or create?
Create a simple mission statement.
What is your life really about? Use 7 words or less. , so you can remember.
What are your primary guiding spiritual principles? Use them in all circumstances.
How can you best remember to live your mission and purpose and follow your guiding principles?
LISTEN WITHIN every day, always asking for inspiring loving reminders.

To align with your Higher Self, the spirit of wholeness and Joy in you, requires that you stay in communication. The best way to stay in communication is to be receptive, to listen within.
Set a daily appointment with your Spirit Self, same place and same time.
Give yourself a way to write it all down, so your personality and busyness don't erase or distort it all.
Your inner voice will guide and direct you to experience a fun, safe and easy life of fulfillment and joy.

Set your intention,
Know it is Good.
And be willing to receive the Goodness that is yours,
Betty Lue