Sunday, July 27, 2003

Difficult Situations & People

What do you need to remember in difficult situations with difficult people?

You are the most conscious One. It is up to you to choose the Best for all.

The cost of giving is receiving. Give what you would want to receive always, respect, understanding, acceptance, love, forgiveness peace, listening…whatever you would want.

Everyone is seeking Love, peace and joy. Underneath the negative habits of mind and speech, everyone want a good life. So when others have forgotten or are ignorant, it is yours to remind them be how you live, how you think and how you act.

Your are teaching with your thoughts as much as your words. Clear your negative or judgmental thoughts with eraser filled with love. Make sure you are matching your behavior with your words and thoughts.

Life is forgiving and you are the gift. It is only in giving the Highest and Best that you recognize the gift of Love you are. When you give criticism, you define yourself as critic. When you give wisdom, you see yourself as wise. When you give understanding, you see yourself as caring. Give the gift you truly are.

When you have forgotten how to Love, stop, look inside and listen to your Spirit. Always give the best you know. And let go and trust.