Monday, July 01, 2024

Your Feelings Matter






I live my life with Love leading the way.

I love myself as I am and what I am here to be and say.

I honor my truth and live in integrity.

I am learning who I am and appreciating what I learn.

How Do You Feel?

How you feel teaches you something.

How you feel leads you to feel better.

How you feel can guide you to do better.

Feelings come from your thinking, beliefs, words and behavior.

When we think positive thoughts, we experience good feelings.

When we think negative thoughts, we experience bad feelings.

When we believe in bad stuff happening, we experience fear.

When we believe in good stuff happening, we experience happy anticipation.

When we speak negative, scary, hurtful words, we feel worse.

When we speak positive, happy and helpful words, we feel better.

When we act out with anger, hurt, resentment, we lose energy.

When we behave with forgiveness, comfort and gratitude, we improve our energy.

In a very real way, we are choosing how we want to feel.

In practical obvious ways, we can easily change our energy.

With forgiveness, affirmations, choice and gratitude, we create how we want to feel.

With resentment, negativity, victimization and criticism, we create our own bad feelings. 

Many people believe that bad experiences just happen to them.

Most people buy into believing they have no choice.

Many people just take drugs or develop habits of “victimization”.

Learning to be in charge of your thoughts and feelings changes lives.

How can you learn to be true to the real you?

Do not follow what you feel as being real.

Choose and practice the feelings you want to have.

Consciously choose to live and feel what you want.

It is a bad habit to let your mind and emotions be in charge of your life.

It is a mistake to believe you have no choice in what you think and feel.

It teaches you helplessness and hopelessness to let your mind and body be in charge.

You are in charge of your thoughts and feeling, words and behavior.

If you have learned to trust only your body, your mind and your emotions, you are mistaken.

There is a place in you as you that is Whole and Good and Loving.

When you align with what is really YOU, you begin to eradicate what is not Wholly Good and Loving.

You can reclaim your power and your Authentic Self, when you practice clearing what isn’t really you.

There is more than what you feel.

There is more than what you see and hear.

There is more than what the world teaches and shows you.

There is a deeper part of you that can begin to create what you are here to be and do and have and share.

Consider listening deeply.

What is this feeling teaching me?

What can I learn from this experience?

Who is in charge here?

How do I clear what I fear?

How do I live what is good and right and true for me?

Where can I see and hear what I need to know?

How can I lead myself to what I am here to learn?

Notice where your thoughts, feelings and actions are taking you.

Make sure it is where you want to go and how you want to feel.

You, the authentic You, can choose to change.

Live being true to you.

Honoring You, 

Betty Lue