Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Are You REady For More Good?




I am ready, willing and able to create MORE Good today.

I trust in the power of love to heal and transform all things.

I know together we are unlimited in our ability to create only Good.

I envision a world where all children will be loved, provided for and well-educated.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for more Love in your life?

Are you prepared to stop worrying?

Are you ready to be happy?

Do you know how to be free of resentment?

Can you imagine living in a world where people are happy and helpful?

Do you want a world without fear and worry, greed and guilt?

Can you allow yourself to think of being free of debt?

Would you be willing to share your Love and Goodness with everyone?

When we can imagine, it is more likely this will be our experience.

When we prepare ourselves with what it may be like, we will be more open.

When we clear our blocks to loving kindness, it is easier to flow our Good.

When we change our beliefs and opinions, it is more likely we can achieve.

If your world became easier, safer and more fun, what would you do differently?

If your life became more fun, safe and easy, who would you be naturally?

If your work became more what you really enjoy, what would your work be?

If you knew you were getting ready for the ideal life you want, how would you prepare yourself?

It is possible to become what you really want to be.

It is possible to live as you want to live right now.

It is possible to give what you want to share at this time.

It is possible to relate the way you want to relate today.

Why wait for what is outside you to change?

Why hold back on doing what you want to do?

Why not step forward and devote yourself to loving right now?

Why withhold the love you feel inside of you from anyone?

Are you willing to prepare yourself for Good times of peace and prosperity?

Are you willing to free yourself to be in the state of Love?

Are you open to share the best of you with everyone you encounter?

Are you free to create a livelihood of giving, creating, helping and service?

You have been preparing all the days of your life.

You have been experimenting with how to think and speak and do.

You have noticed what gives your energy and inspires you.

You have seen what drains, depletes and depresses you..

Prepare yourself for the coming of Good times from within.

Do what you need to do to be loving and kind. 

Imagine what you need to think to be open and curious.

Speak what you need to say to be inspired and uplifted.

You have within you the preparation to create the world you imagine.

You know how to talk to inspire yourself and others.

You can do the preparation when you are committed to the vision.

Be the Source of Love, Goodness, Peace and Prosperity.

“They may say we are dreamers.

But we’re not the only ones.

Some day we will wake up.

And the world will be as One!”

You are the Key to this Possibility.

Thank you and always trust in you.

Betty Lue