Sunday, June 30, 2024

What Do You Value?




I value the highest and best for myself.

I am committed to serving what I truly value.

I easily focus on what I want to be and see, do and have.

My health, finances and relationships all serve me consistently.

What Do You Value?

Do you value what you don’t have?

Do you value what you wish you had?

Do you value what others have?

Do you fear you will never have what you value?

What we value is what keeps showing up!

Values are based on where we spend our time, energy and resource.

When we value physical health, we spend time and money on healthy matters, ie diet and exercise.

When we value not being unhealthy, we spend time and money on worrying about not getting sick. 

We can focus on the possibility of not having what we say we want.

Or we can focus on being grateful for having what we want.

We can worry about bad stuff happening or celebrating the good stuff  happening now.

The mind leads us until we take charge of how we use our mind.

Our thoughts seem out of our control until we direct our thoughts.

Our money seems out of our hands until we budget our money the way we prefer.

Our energy and time seem to be taken up by needs rather than utilizing our time in the best way.

People often live as though they are victims of their circumstances.

People often go along with society to fit in and belong.

People often see no other way than to live others’ way.

We then succumb to the values of others and lose our way.

To value well being, affirm and celebrate your high-level wellness every day.

To value prosperity, affirm and appreciate how what you have is exactly what you desire.

To value relationships, affirm and be grateful for the beautiful harmonious relationships you have.

To value yourself, affirm and thank yourself daily for the good life you have given yourself.

When we value our lives, we live with gratitude.

When we value our well-being, we appreciate how healthy and happy we are.

When we value our resources, we use what we have with wisdom and respect.

When we value our relationships, we encourage them with our honest, open and happy connection.

Life encourages us to value what we really value.

Where we place our attention, time and resources, we create more.

To focus on disease, despair, disappointment and difficult, we see, feel and experience more.

It is difficult to see how to change our mind in the middle of our negative distraction.

Our mind is the tool we need to choose to change in order to have the life we really value.

Our mind is often distracted and even derailed by what we see and judge to be real.

Our thoughts and emotions often feel like they are unchangeable.

However there is nothing more important than to be master of our thoughts and emotions.

Be courageous, consistent and committed to what you really value.

This is your life to choose and value.

Appreciating how willing we are to choose again.

Betty Lue