Sunday, July 07, 2024

Happiness Is Our Natural State




I am glad to be alive, right where I am.

I am always in the right place doing the right thing for the right reasons.

I am so grateful for the Good Life I have.

Life is good and getting better.

Happiness Is Inside You!

Happiness is our natural state.

When we are not happy, something has gone wrong.

We can use our level of happiness to discern when we are off track.

We discover that being happy, peaceful and content shows us the way to live.

True happiness does not come from drugs, a person or place, but from freeing ourselves.

This happiness is easily experienced when we feel safe, whole, and alive with natural energy.

True happiness flows naturally within our relationships, home and work place.

We can feel it and see it in our face, our attitude and our carefree enjoyment of life.

We know when unhappy that we have forgotten, neglected and not noticed what is true for us.

Often times unhappiness comes with negative, limiting thoughts about ourselves or others.

Sometimes we lose our happiness by taking care of others' happiness before our own.

Often we get caught in following worldly ways of being happy and ignore what is simple and natural.

We are challenged by busyness and lose a sense of our own right way.

We may forget or neglect to take care of our whole life first.

We may allow others' judgments and criticism to distract or detour us.

We may even feel guilty and forsake ourselves to try to make others happy.

All unhappy habits need to be erased and forgiven.

Mistaken choices and behaviors need to be released.

Unhealthy relationships, lifestyle choices and fear-based attitudes need to be changed.

We may need to clear our past and choose again for the future we want.

If we settle for unhappiness, it may get worse to get our attention.

If we deny our own right to be happy, we may blame and envy others.

If we are afraid to be happy, we may sabotage our happiness.

If we don’t remember how to be happy, we may need to explore to discover our true way.

We must have the courage to make the best choices for ourselves.

We must not allow others to tell us what to do.

We must be aware that quick fixes or easy substitutes will deceive us.

We must stay awake to the natural changes within and without.

Life constantly offers us the opportunity to choose again.

When we fear making mistakes due to our self judgments, we must forgive.

We can learn from every choice, right or wrong, what it is we really want to be, do and have.

We are blessed with the freedom to forgive and choose again and again and again.

Spend time daily consciously choosing to be happy.

When unhappy, use that experience as a time to choose again.

When you need to reframe your thoughts or change your attitude, consult with your inner Self.

When you choose what is good for you, remember your happiness inspires and helps others.

When you love yourself enough, you will always choose to be happy.

I am inspired daily by being happy.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue