Monday, July 08, 2024

Allow Change





I release and I let go with trust.

I free myself and others to change.

I let all things be as they are.

I am willing to change for the Highest Good.

Change Sets Us Free!

Everything is changing.

Our bodies change.

We change our minds.

Our emotions fluctuate.

Our habits change.

Challenges come and go.

The weather changes.

Our biorhythms change.

Our family and friends change.

Politics change.

Human consciousness changes.

What is healthy and unhealthy changes.

Our work changes. 

Our energy changes.

Our needs and wants change.

Our beliefs change.

How we live changes.

What we give changes.

How and who we love changes.

Trusting changes.

Absolutely everything changes!

When we are attached, change is difficult.

When we are needy or addicted, we may struggle to keep what we have.

When we believe we know what is right and what is best, we may fight for it.

When we are afraid of the uncertainty or the unknown, we will resist change.

Is there something or someone you trust?

Is there something or someone you value?

Are there principles, qualities or ethics you will not let go?

Are you allowing yourself to let go of what no longer works for you?

I want to feel safe and secure.

I want to be happy and free.

I want to serve what supports me in serving.

I want to give what I have been given, because it benefits me to give.

Let us embrace the change that allows us to choose again and yet again.

When we free ourselves to let go, learn, love and laugh, we can trust and allow.

When we listen to our inner voice and reaffirm all that is good and whole within, we are content.

When we attend and intend to love, we allow loving kindness and acceptance to prevail.

I choose to be open to change with freedom and trust.

I choose to allow all things to be as they are.

I choose to live my life as I am guided to give the best of me.

I choose to create the world I want to see.

Changing with Love, 

Betty Lue