Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Are You Stuck?




I free myself to be All I Am here to be.

I let go of the attachment to staying too long in what is familiar.

I trust myself to know when it is time to make a change with joy.

I inspire myself daily to listen to the truth of my inner guidance.

Are You in the Right Place?

Have you stayed to long?

Are you complete?

Have you taught and learned what you came for?

Are you ready to move on?

Whether in a job, locale, relationship or life itself, we need to move on when time to go.

When we are finished, it is time to gently gratefully and respectfully let go.

When we feel no longer of value, it is time to value ourselves and create new options.

When we have new vision and inspiration, it is time to explore new venues.

When we stay too long, we may feel stuck and stagnant.

When we cling to the past, we may feel attachment and fear.

When we are trying to please others, we may feel sadness and guilt.

When we are afraid to let go, we may complain and criticize.

Life is always moving, growing, expanding and expressing.

Without these key elements of life, there may be stagnancy, boredom and emptiness.

Denial of our own needs often turns into resentment towards others.

Unwillingness to trust and free ourselves may lead to disease and depression.

When we recognize the signs of resistance to let go, we can begin to open the flow.

When we realize everything is always changing, transforming, we release attachments.

When we trust in the freedom and flow of imagination within, we allow ourselves to move on.

When we feel secure in our inner knowing and self love, we relinquish all guilt and blame.

Is this your time to renew your life?

Is this time to leave your job that no longer fulfills you?

Is this time to let go of relationships that deplete you?

Is this time to undo your attachments based on fear and free yourself to fully be you?

If you feel angry and resentful, this may be a sign it is time to move on.

If you feel sad and disappointed, this may be a sign to choose a place of joy and  renewal.

If you feel lonely and isolated, this may be a signal you are complete with the ones you are with.

If you feel tired and depressed, this may be a sign you have stayed too long and shut down.

Consider what being in your right place would look, sound and feel like for you.

Consider what you really want and allow yourself to want it with all your heart.

Consider imagining the feeling, energy, experiences that are waiting for you.

Consider freeing yourself and trusting yourself to create and experience what you desire.

“Tis a gift to be simple.

Tis a gift to be free.

Tis a give to come round

To where we ought to be.

And when we find ourselves,

In a place just right, 

It will be in the Valley 

Of Love and Delight.

When true simplicity is gained, 

  To bow and to bend, 

We shall not be ashamed

To turn and turn it will be our delight, 

  Till by turning and turning 

We come 'round right.

If it is time to go, leave and discover.

If it is time to express, speak gently your inner truth.

If it is time to experiment, explore something new.

If it is time to find the real You, be alone with yourself until you know what is true.

Life is our gift to heal and grow, learn and know.

Love offers freedom and trust.

Receive the gifts of living true to Loving You.

Trusting and freeing you, 

Betty Lue