Wednesday, June 19, 2024

What Is Right For You?




I want to feel happy and at peace with myself.

I choose to satisfy my real needs and wants.

I am grateful I give myself exactly what is right and best for me.

I love myself for living with moderation in all things.

What Is Right For You?

Have you ever found yourself uncomfortable with not knowing what is “right” for you?

Does it seem like “When it rains, it pours.”?

Are you caught wanting more but not knowing if it will be too much?

Moderation is the ‘Goldilocks’ solution. 

In all things consider moderation.

There is no need to binge on anything.

Trying to always get more is a sign we feel unsatisfied.

When what we are receiving never seems enough, we probably are not receiving what is of value.

What we value satisfies us.

What is healthy will fulfill us in small doses.

What we keep wanting more, it is always the “wrong” solution.

We need to choose what is simply right and true and healthy for us.

The absence of self love shows up with addictions and excessive cravings.

Excess shopping, eating, gambling, drinking, TV, etc comes from being addicted.

What we really need is deeper than all the habits we may choose.

What we give to ourselves in excess is our desire to feed a deeper need.

Take time to ask, “What does this do for me?”

Give yourself credit for wanting to understand feeling “It is not enough.”

When we have too little, we want more.

When we have too much, we want less.

Too much time on your phone talking and texting?

Too much time shopping and feeling guilty about the debt?

Too much alcohol, pills, smoking and other numbing agents?

Too much gossip, judgment and negative stories?

Anything can become too much.

When you find yourself sick of over doing, stop and ask “What do I really need?”

You may have learned to seek short term gratification.

You may want to just stop the introspection before it hurts.

When you are obsessed with one problem, need or situation, begin to write.

Write what you want, without censoring your answers.  “I want …….”

Make sure you write and think, “I want……

Most people never allow themselves to want what they really want.

How do you want to feel?

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to have?

What do you want to give?

Your real “wants" will lead you to where you have denied yourself.

Your underlying wants will tell you what you think is missing.

You secret wants will show you where you need to go, do and have next.

Begin to vision and believe, trust and plan what you want for yourself.

I totally appreciate you for listening to and honoring the REAL YOU!

Betty Lue

There is no lack.

There is always plenty.

There is always enough for everyone.

Forgive the fear and everyone has enough.