Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Need Something Positive?




I vow to always remember Love.

I choose to forgive and return to Love.

I live my life in a way I would want to live forever.

I give my very best to everyone and teach love to everyone.

Need Something Positive?

Are there too many reminders of what is not working?

Are you caught in a war of judgments, both good and bad?

Is there too much pain and suffering, violence and hurt?

Are you dealing with negativity at home and work?

What do you do?

How do you respond?

Do you avoid and shut down?

Do you confront and stand up?

Maybe there is a better way.

Maybe you need to take care of you first.

Maybe you must first love yourself.

Now is the time to remind you of everything good, whole and beautiful within you.

Take a look at how you feel about yourself and your life.

Take note of all the high points, times when you felt happy, confident and successful.

Forgive all the times you felt unhappy, scared and unsuccessful.

Be willing to see what you learned from both high points and low points.

Make a comprehensive list of all the good points you value in yourself and your life.

Write and say “I appreciate you ……. For ………….”

Take credit for all the good choices you have made.

Value how much you have learned from your mistakes.

No need to belabor your errors or ignorance.

Stand up and learn from everything with gratitude.

Be willing to quickly and easily learn from every mistaken choice.

Life is for learning and you are an open and willing student, a fast learner.

Start seeing yourself for who you are.

Give yourself credit for all you have created.

Value every good deed and responsible interaction.

Notice and applaud what works for you!

Where you still feel limited, little or lacking, write it all down and cross it off with “NOT TRUE!”

Write down every way you feel unlimited, abundant, generous, kind, helpful and honest.

Highlight all Good with Full ownership.

“I have all Good within me and I share it freely with everyone.

Begin to see goodness, beauty and wholeness everywhere.

Start affirming what is right and true and loving.

Learn to model excellence, enthusiasm and encouragement.

The world needs you and so do I!

You see…..I know you!

Even when you forget, I see your beauty goodness and wholeness.

I affirm what is right and true and loving within you.

I trust together we will model excellence, enthusiasm and encouragement.

The world needs us.

Together we make a mighty difference.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue