Thursday, June 20, 2024

Today Is Summer Solstice




I am here always loving you.

I am here free to be me and see all we can be.

I am living naturally by being in the Now.

I am giving openly as I am remembering how.

Summer Solstice is today at 1:15PM PDT

This is the day of greatest light, so shine bright!

Full moon is 6:07PM PDT tomorrow June 21.

Where are You?

What are you doing?

Are your dreams coming true?

How are we living in this world together?

If you were happy everyday, would you share your happiness with others?

If you were in love with your life, would you gladly give your love to all?

If you could see the beauty in reality, would you dance with one and all?

If you could trust and be free, would you live your life in integrity?

We are free, you and me.

We are here to fully be, and enjoy what we have.

We are gifts of Goodness, Mercy and Loving Kindness.

Each one of us can share the Blessings we have.

The restrictions, rules and limitations we have placed upon ourselves are mistaken.

We can take this time to create and enjoy or complain and victimize ourselves.

We can set ourselves free by recognizing who and where and how we want to be.

Begin right now to ask yourself and write down what you hear.

We have found our right place when we delight in being right here and right now.

When there are moments of frustration at what was or anticipation of what will be, we are not here.

When we long for something better, we can choose again for what already is.

When we wish it had not been, we waste our energies of regret and sorrow for what no longer exists.

Time is an illusion of our creative minds.

Time offers us choices within which to choose what we seek to find.

Time comes and goes as a silent friend making sure we see the beginning and the end.

When there is no time, we see we are always in the same place, right here and now.

Make this moment what you seek to have it be.

Make this time the way you see yourself as happy and free.

Make this now a time of good and gratitude for what is.

Make this breath a quiet place to love and live as friends.

We are here to find this place of peace.

We have come to live in love.

We have joined with all as one.

We are here to see how far we all have come.

Wakeup and see this is where you started.

Awake we know we have always been just as we are now.

With no sleep still in our eyes and brain, we can feel our true heart.

Alas with the sun lighting our way, we realize we have never been apart.

The story and song goes on and on, but always is the same.

We came to join in Love as One and return to One again.

I am loving you no matter what!

Betty Lue