Saturday, June 29, 2024

Do You Believe?







I believe in the power of Love.

I believe together there is nothing we cannot do.

I believe we can do anything because we believe.

I believe in hope, faith and love for one another.

Do You Believe?

Better things are coming.

Doomsday predictions are faulty.

Everything will improve.

Life is meant to prosper itself.

When we look up, we see what can be.

When we look back, we see what is behind us.

When we look at what was, we can only see the past.

When we look at what can be, we can create what we want to be.

How often have you held yourself trapped in negativity by thinking about the limitations and lack?

How much have you dug holes in your imagination only to fall into them?

How many times have you been discouraged and depressed by looking at the mistakes and foolishness?

The greatest power we have is to build a case in our minds and then to confirm it in our experience.

When you look for the sun behind the clouds, you might not see it, but you know it is there.

When you forget there is sun on a gloomy day, you might despair that it will never shine again.

The power of our mind is to see what we believe.

When we believe in “things are getting worse”, we will see exactly what we believe.

Our creative power lies in what we believe.

Believe that our Savior is coming.

Believe the galactic guardians of our planet will make things right again.

Believe that you can make changes with the power of forgiveness and love.

Believe in change and you will see change.

Believe in the end times and you will prepare yourself.

Believe in the next generation and you will educate the children.

Believe in yourself and your will practice making changes within your own life.

It matters not what we believe as long as we desire and believe in transformation.

Do not give up on yourself, or you will be stuck in the bed you made.

Do not give up on humanity or you will quit on helping others and leading the way.

Do not give up on what you call “evil” or you will let fear take over and win.


We each make a choice in what we want and what we believe.

We can allow our negative mind to out weigh our positive mind, if we are lazy.

We can let what sells in the media (bad news and disaster) rule our thinking or we can choose differently.

We can join what the doomsday thinkers and quit on reformation or renew our Spirit of Life.

Sometimes it seems people get lazy and addicted to the woeful messages.

Sometimes we forget and neglect the power of our own thoughts, feelings and choice.

We can step up and give voice to what we want and choose to be real for us and our world.

We can create a higher and better way to live and learn, to breathe and inspire one another.

This is our time to choose what we believe.

Use your imagination to believe in what lives in you as right and good and true.

Use your desire to give credence to what can be because we make it so.

Use you own goodness and greatness and love to build the world you want to be.

Always believing in you and me to set us free.

Betty Lue