Tuesday, June 11, 2024

No Judgments Please!




The only mistake I every make is when I forget to Love.

My judgments are meaningless and I forgive myself for judging.

I make up what I believe is right and wrong. 

I forgive my limited beliefs and faulty thinking.

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful.

Whether you are judging or being judged, it hurts everyone.

Judgment interferes with loving, trusting and freedom.

Judgment distracts both the judge and the judged from living on purpose.

Judgment confuses and clouds mental clarity and physical well-being.

Be aware of how judgment affects you and others.

Pay attention to how it shuts down communication.

When are judging, you will feel judged.

When you are being judged, you will tend to defend or judge in return.

Judgment comes from fear.

When we are afraid of something or someone, we tend to judge.

Judgment is learned and habitual.

We are often taught to judge to protect ourselves from being criticized.

Judgment comes from our inner critic.

When we feeling afraid, inadequate, guilty or ignorant, we tend to judge.

When we cannot tolerate or accept differences, we tend to criticize and judge.

When we do not know or understand, we tend to be confused, afraid and judge. 

Judgment is the strongest element of ego or personality.

When we judge one another, we limit our understanding.

When we judge one another, we block our love, respect and acceptance.

When we judge one another, we tend to restrict our ability to connect, work together and feel safe.

Judging creates separation.

Judging creates feelings of danger.

Judging blocks ability to trust and feel free.

Judging creates disharmony, stress and disconnection.

The easiest clearing of judgment is through forgiveness here and now.

Judgments can be erased and deleted by simply forgiving ourselves.

I forgive myself for judging what I do not know.

I release the limiting belief that I know what is right and wrong.

When we recognize our judgment means nothing, we can eradicate the power of judging.

One can never see all aspects of what we are judging.

We are incapable of “judging” based on what we think we know.

“My judgment means nothing.”

Let us let go of thinking we can judge anyone and learn to love, respect and accept instead.

We heal with forgiveness.

We learn from being accepted as we are.

We can more easily grow when we are loved, trusted and given freedom.

Forgiving all my judgments and remembering to Love, 

Betty Lue