Monday, June 10, 2024

Connect Before You Communicate





I speak the Highest Truth I know, when I come from my heart.

I clear my own fear and judgment, before I share with others.

I am always heard, because I listen first.

I connect with respect, when others are willing to communicate.

Connect Before You Communicate.

To communicate with anyone, there must be a connection.

To connect with anyone, you must be willing to communicate.

So often in this world we have lost our connection.

When we are not connected with ourselves or others, it is impossible to be heard.

How do you connect and with whom?

When you care, you tune in.

When you dare, you listen to what you hear and feel.

When you share, you respond with appreciation.

How do you create an open line between you and another?

How do you allow others to connect with you?

How open are you to receive communication?

How willing are you to respond to what you receive?

A direct connection happens when people are face-to-face and both wanting communication.

This seems to happen for shorter spans of time with current busyness and distraction interfering.

When we are attempting to connect with someone, we must first check to see if they are available.

Availability happens rarely due to multi tasking and playing many parts with multiple functions.

Consider how rarely you simply sit with someone solely to connect and communicate.

See how long both parties can maintain their conscious connection and focus in the conversation.

Counseling is a sacred space in which two people are connecting and communicating freely.

When you experience this sacred connection, profound insights, healing and holy moments can occur.

With email, cell phones, texting, faxing, and US mail, we experience the need to communicate.

Often abbreviated messages, sometimes misunderstanding can and does occur.

It is essential that we all take the time to connect with one another before attempting to be understood.

Use etiquette to inquire how and where and when is an effective way to communicate.

Stop and listen to the other person.

Clarify what both parties’ interpretations are.

People often hear what they hold in their minds.

Clear communication always involves a need to clarify what is being said.

Stop and listen to what you have said.

Make sure you are hearing and receiving your own messages.

Emotional expressions are often misheard or misunderstood.

Create an inner space of peace to set your own goal or desired outcome.


When you write or text, read what you have written before you send it.

Make sure the tone of feelings and words you write are true as you read them.

Make no assumptions and always give, speak and write your very best.

It is far easier to clarify what you say and write than to try to clean up the mess after the fact.

When you have made a mistake or been misunderstood, always apologize immediately.

Take full responsibility for the miscommunication.

It is the responsibility of the communicator to find the way to be understood.

It is a gift of the most conscious one to make sure there is clear communication.

I am  wanting connecting with you as I write these Loving Reminders.

I am trusting you will receive the love behind and within my intention.

Loving you with the best I know as I love us both.

Betty Lue