Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Discover Who You Are!




I am free to Be All That I Am.

With Love in me, I am unlimited in power and in peace.

I am willing to explore the Beauty, Goodness and Wholeness within.

The more I have, the more I give.

Discover Who You Are!

Are you willing to discover more about yourself?

Do you want to explore and seek to know more?

Are you open to seeing things differently?

Could it be that you just haven’t been willing to look?

Sometimes things are not what they seem to be.

The world was flat or so they thought.

Little did anyone know what was true.

And even now you may be wrong about you.

It is possible you are more smart and capable than you know?

Is it possible with a little light, you can find the truth within?

Is it possible the place to begin is to be willing to look?

Are you ready to see more, know more, be more now?

When we place limits on ourselves, we are mistaken.

When we deny ourselves opportunities, we are self limiting.

When we stop before we start, we are afraid.

When we are closed to learning, we are shut down.

No matter what age or situation, we can open to more than we knew.

In our relationships, with forgiveness and love, everything can be better.

With our finances, we can expand our beliefs, practices and appreciation.

With our heath, we can change our mind, attitude and lifestyle.

In every area, we can be more, do more, have more and enjoy more.

When we focus our attention on littleness, lack and limitation, we have less.

When we focus our attention on magnificence, abundance and freedom, we have more.

Wherever we place our attention, we create more of that.

Discover what is in the mystery of life.

Uncover what may be out of sight.

Recover the gifts already present.

Stop covering up your own wholeness.

People are often raised in an atmosphere of fear.

Fear limits our thoughts, words and achievements.

Being contracted with fear closes minds and bodies.

Fear limits inspiration, adventure and discovery.

Create for yourself an environment of support and love.

Love frees and inspires thoughts, words and creations.

Being filled with love, opens minds and bodies.

Love inspires, encourages and invites adventure and discovery.

You are greater than you know.

There is nothing you cannot do.

When you trust, respect and love being you, you are unlimited.

With connection to Source and your inner reSource, you are whole, happy and free.

Take the rest of your life, to learn more about being free and unlimited!

Loving us all in seeing who we can be.

Betty Lue