Sunday, June 09, 2024

It's Your Life!




I am balanced in how I work and play, create and rest.

My life works perfectly when I remember to love no matter what.

I take impeccable care of my whole self, mentally, physically and spiritually!

I continually review what I need to be whole, happy and free.

It’s Your Life!

I am grounded in the Earth that provides Abundantly.

I am centered in the Highest Truth of Freedom and Love!

I am balanced in the Trust everything Works together for Good!

I Am All That I AM here to be.

How can we lose when we have what we want?

What we want is what we have.

How can we learn if we are not responsible for what we have?

What we have is what we have given ourselves to respond with Love.

There are so many ways we diminish ourselves with tricks of distraction, delay, and disappointment.

We malinger with our issues and illnesses disclaiming any responsibility for what we have.

We separate from ourselves with victimization and claiming our own impotence.

We cry out for someone or something to save us from ourselves and our own errors.

Being grounded requires seeing what really is.

What actually exists as truth is our reality.

Recognizing we all perceive through our own filter, we have our own experience.

When we are aware and acknowledge our experience, we take responsibility for our perception.

Being centered in the Highest Truth of Freedom and Love, we see things differently.

We center ourselves in our own choices.

We acknowledge our mis-creations.

We allow changing our mind and transformation.

Being balanced in Trust and the intrinsic Good within, we claim our Creativity.

We celebrate our divinity.

We affirm our Unity.

We Accept our Response- Ability to Love and Trust and Truth and Freedom.

We are in continuous process of being grounded, centered and balanced.

We are choosing our current state every moment.

We are claiming our right and responsibility to be here now.

We are honoring our choices and blessing all we are.

Life invites us to choose again and yet again.

"When we choose the place just right, we will be in the valley of love and delight.

It is a gift to be simple and a gift to be free."

We are here to be responsible for who and how we want to be.

This is Life at its most abundant, free and joyful state.

Enjoy it all.

Make your life good for you.

Betty Lue