Tuesday, April 30, 2024

We All Know!




I am transparent in thought, word and deed.

I live in integrity with the highest truth in me.

I know and love myself as I truly am.

I hold no secrets and I am free.

Secrets Create Fear.

Who is telling their truth?

Who is being real?

Are you saying and doing what is true for you?

Are you living the truth you feel and know?

There are no secrets when we listen within.

There are no lies in which we can hide.

The truth shows up in what we believe and see.

So why not be who you really are.

Hiding is a way of abiding in the illusion of your life.

Showing your true colors sets you free to fully be.

Letting others get away with deception is strengthening more lies.

Speaking out with clarity and directness, initiates truth-telling for all.

What is hiding underneath the smokescreen?

What is being kept behind closed doors?

What judgments are being shared in secret?

Who is willing to let it all show?

Full disclosure is rare until we feel safe.

Total honesty comes only when we live in integrity.

Transparency is what shows up, when we have nothing to hide.

We can only be fully alive, when we are free to be all that we are.

What is there to hide in your life?

What are you choosing without telling others?

How are you living that makes you want no one to know?

What happens when everyone sees you and your choices fully?

Some learn to hide from punishment.

Some learn to keep secrets from fear.

Some learn to deceive others in shame.

Some simply don’t know how to tell the truth.

What we reveal can heal.

What we hold back becomes toxic.

What we do not clear, we fear.

What we bring into the light, we can make right.

Awareness with non-judgment is healing.

What you see in the light can easily be forgiven.

No need to dump toxic stuff on others.

Let go with forgiveness and blessings.

Clean up your life and be free.

Betty Lue

Truth may hurt, but first it sets you free.

Let go with forgiveness and blessings.

What you reveal is the start of your healing.

Living the truth is a sign of your greatness.