Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Learn To Love!




The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.

I choose to Love and be happy.

I forgive all lack of Love and choose to Love again.

I Love myself and others no matter what.

Do You Know How to Love?

Do you know how best to love yourself?

Do you know how to love your children?

Do you know how to love your parents?

Do you know how to love a partner?

Do you know how to love your friends?

We talk about Love as though everyone should know what Love is.

We act like we understand what Love is and what Love does.

We communicate as though others should Love us, if we Love them.

We seem to focus on Love being something we all should be able to do successfully.

And yet, it seems love hurts.

What we call love makes us vulnerable.

What we call love breaks our heart.

What we call love gets taken away.

True Love heals.

True Love strengthens.

True Love encourages.

True Love lasts.

So how can this “Love” can be the opposite?

With worldly love there is specialness and attachment.

With worldly love, there is dependency and neediness.

With world love, there is fear and limitation.

With addiction, attachment and neediness, people depend on it for life itself.

With Special Love for just one person, some may feel demanding and threatened. 

With emotional ecstatic highs and devastating lows, people may become addicted to the drama.

With possessiveness and demands for control, many feel fear and restriction.

Love gives because Love is our natural state.

Love expands and gives more in its giving.

Love fills us with more Love and joy and inspiration.

Love sets us free to be all that we can be and more.

Love comes from a wellspring within.

Love flows freely and overflows as we share even more.

Love offers happiness and inner peace.

Forgiveness opens the flow of Love.

By blocking the flow of Love, you may feel sick, disheartened and depressed.

Open the flow again by finding something or someone to Love.

Love your pet.

Love music and art.

Love strangers with smiles.

Love with prayer for those in need.

Do something loving and kind for those around you.

Create something beautiful and good.

Sing happy songs to yourself.

Write notes of gratitude.

Clean out parts of your mind or environment that you cannot appreciate.

Give Love and let it show with dance, song, art, words, gratitude and more.

We must remember Love is our natural state.

Forgive everything that is not Love.

Be respectful and kind.

With unconditional and unlimited Love, we return to Wholeness, Happiness and Peace.

Remember to Love… matter what!

Betty Lue

Real Love is unconditional, unlimited and unending.

Forgive the blocks to LOVE. 

Allow Love to lead the way to inner peace and true happiness.

I am loving us all.  

It is love that prevails in all things, large and small.

Above all, let us simply remember to love. 

Betty Lue