Monday, April 29, 2024

Here To Learn!






Learning is fun, safe and easy for me.

I love to learn from everyone and everything.

Mistakes are opportunities to learn.

I learn easily and quickly 

Here To Learn!

We are here to learn.

School is in session every day.

Those who pay attention, learn.

Those who are unconscious or uncaring keep making the same mistakes.

This is the University of Life.

We can easily learn everything we need to know.

We can quickly correct all mistakes with ease and safety.

We can clear our fear and return to our natural innocent wonder-full Love.

Watch young children.

See how they learn and create.

Notice how they pretend and copy.

Understand what brings them curiosity and wonder.

Begin to observe yourself.

See how you learn and create.

Notice how you pretend and copy.

Understand how you get stuck and lose your curiosity and wonder.

If you are not learning from everyone and everything, you have gone to sleep.

If you are not paying attention to your life and its outcomes, you have been distracted.

If you are distracting, delaying, or detouring others from their learning, stop and pay attention.

Free yourself to imagine, vision and dream again, by forgiving past unhappy learning and mistakes.

You are unlimited in your potential, when you are free and trusting.

You are unlimited in your life of curiosity and wonder, when you are happy.

You are unlimited in your creations of Beauty, Goodness and Joy, when you are in Love.

You are unlimited in your capacity to learn and grow, heal and create what is Good and Whole.

Life is for the living.

Be alive with giving.

Life is for those who are open and willing.

Free yourself of fear and remember to Love.

What are you learning?

Does it inspire or depress you?

What are you doing?

Does it help you or harm you?

How are you living?

Does it encourage you or distract you?

How are your relationships?

Do they fulfill you or discourage you?

Life teaches us to choose.

Choose what is best and you feel your best.

Choose what is worst and you feel your worst.

Learn to choose! 

Loving happy willing learners! 

Betty Lue

Say "YES PLEASE" to what is good for you.

Say “NO THANKS” to what is not good for you