Saturday, April 20, 2024

Loving You!





I share the best I know with everyone.

My life is fun, safe and easy because I listen for LOVE.

Everything works more exquisitely than I can plan.

I love no matter what, because it frees me to love more.

Loving You!

These Loving Reminders are for you.

Yes, they are for me, too.

I write each morning early (usually 7AM)

What I am given to write is a gift of Love for me.

Loving Reminders are my spiritual practice.

I am inspired, as I receive each idea, each sentence, each word.

I sit at my computer and write what I hear (feel and know).

I call this inner guidance or listening within.

I do not correct or edit or pre-plan.

I simply share what is given me within.

I have written many of the signatures that I add.

And I send them again and again as an addendum.

The Loving Reminders may be included in one of my Reminders Books.

Loving Reminders, Peaceful Reminders, Relationship Reminders, Healthy Reminders

Waiting to be edited and published are Family Reminders and Healing Reminders.

My intention is only to share freely what is given to me freely from Source.

Yes, I am inspired to learn from everyone and everything.

My family, friends, children, my own experiences and mistakes teach me.

My greatest teachers are often those I sit with daily in my counseling practice.

I am inspired to educate, motivate, facilitate and celebrate better living for all of us.

What inspires you?

What do you do every day to learn something new?

What do you do routinely to better your life?

What can you choose today to be the best you?

Life is a gift in which we choose whatever we want to be, do and have.

Life is our university to learn how to earn our own rewards of happiness and health.

Life has report cards and grades and credits needed to graduate and achievements to celebrate.

Life gives us unlimited opportunities to go where we want and with whom and for what purpose.

Each morning when you wake up, choose the focus of your day and the way you want to feel.

Choose to give your best and forgive the rest so you create what you want to be, do and have.

Focus on what works and delete what does not work, highlighting what is to be learned for life’s exams.

Give pause and reflect on what feels enlivening, empowering and inspiring to you.

We are students here to master living the way we want to feel and make real.

We are here to claim what we want to do and be for personal harmony with all life.

We are here to learn how to love, serve and remember the Highest Good for all.

We are here to be at home and at peace with what we choose or change our choices easily.

Live well and prosper with all things.

Live true and honor your own integrity.

Live strong and know that you belong.

See you are master of your own destiny. 

True B’Lue is always Loving me and you!

Betty Lue

I am loving us all.  

It is love that prevails in all things, large and small.

Above all, let us simply remember to love. 

Betty Lue