Sunday, April 21, 2024

It's Your Choice




I choose to love everyone.

I choose to do no harm to myself or others.

I choose to give my best in each encounter.

I choose to live the highest and best I know.

You Choose!

Let your choice give voice to the truth you know to be good and true.

Let your choice be one with no regrets and only inner peace.

Let your choice give rise to people and places to celebrate.

Let your choice create for you what is right and whole and feels Good.

When we choose to run away and avoid, the choice will come up again to be chosen.

When we choose to leave with unfinished business at hand, we leave incomplete or in defeat.

When we choose to be angry or upset with our seeming choice, we carry past pain to be healed.

When we choose to regret our past choices, we must forgive and forget what was mistaken.

If you know what you want, choose it.

If it is not good for you, stop and choose differently.

To have what you want to be, live it.

If it is not right for you, learn and choose again.

Choice is our power to change what does not work.

Choice is the way we create the life we want to have.

Choice is the task of letting go of poor choices quickly.

Choose and choose again and yet again.

Celebrate choosing.

Appreciate changing your choices.

Learn to change your mind quickly.

Let go of what you mistakenly chose.

To live with poor or past choices, only depresses us.

To get stuck with ignorance is to settle for what was chosen years ago.

Choose every day to find better ways to think and speak and behave.

Follow no one but your inner guide of wisdom and love.

Trust and free yourself to be happy with yourself and your life.

Learn from every choice, both good and bad for you.

Learn what to do and what not to do to be true to you.

Understand that your life is free to choose again and still again.

You have chances to make advances by choosing the best ways to be.

What is the right choice today, may not stay right for you.

What is the wrong choice today may be the best choice tomorrow.

Make sure you don’t think “never” and make it last “forever.”

Choices need to be open to be changed and rearranged as valuable now.

Often we get stuck with lifetime commitment to what we have chosen.

Commitment must be to what is good, happy and true for you.

Choices will change because you change and the world changes.

Commit to be true and live in integrity with yourself.

Listen within and choose what feels good and right and true.

Free yourself to choose and choose again.

Trust yourself to choose what feels right for you.

Forgive yourself for judging the choices that you make.

Trusting you to choose again and again.

Betty Lue

Let us forgive our judgments of mistakes we make and choose again for a better way!