Friday, April 19, 2024

Don't Be Fooled!




I am alive, alert and enthusiastic for life.

I trust myself and choose wisely.

I listen within for the highest Good for all.

I quickly forgive all mistakes, yours and mine, and learn a better way.

Don’t Be Fooled!

Don’t be fooled into trusting your emotions!

They change constantly, like the weather.

Don’t be fooled into believing and trusting gossip!

It changes with those tattling on others.

Don’t be fooled into counting on decisions based on emotional/irrational communication.

Without clear thinking, people often say what they don’t mean.

Don’t be fooled into believing promises made by someone who is not dependable.

Habits are hard to break and people take time to change.

When we want to believe, we can make up our minds that others have changed.

When we want to depend on others, we can forget about depending on our ourselves.

In a culture of sales, seduction and cons, we need to be wise in what we believe.

In a life where we have been disappointed counting on others, don’t be foolish.

Be positive and proactive.

Gather information and do research.

Buy what you believe is what it says.

Make sure you get a money-back guarantee.

In relationships, there is no money-back policy in place.

Even with the most trusted friends, things can change.

Even with the family you love, they may play out dishonest and disloyal behaviors.

Your primary person to trust and count on is you!

When you are let down, learn something.

When disappointed by someone, learn to let go.

When you feel betrayed or blindsided, learn to pay attention.

When you feel hurt or humiliated, forgive quickly and see things differently.

Life offers wake-up calls in many forms. 

Life teaches us to learn in many ways.

Life shows us the character defects in human behavior. 

Life gives us opportunities to gain wisdom and courage.

Believe in forgiveness and love.

Believe in dependence on your own inner guidance.

Believe you will not allow anything or anyone to limit you.

Believe in yourself and your ability to begin again…better and wiser and stronger.

There is a Sufi saying: “Trust God and tie your camel.”

I realize how spiritual people are often not practical.

Also, worldly people may not include the unseen powers of faith and hope and love.

Trust in good intentions, which may get detoured or disregarded in temptation and ignorance.

In the world be practical and realistic with the ways of human behavior.

And in yourself, be aligned with the power of thought and live in integrity for only the highest Good.

Don’t be foolish and let others mistaken behavior stop you or shut down your dreams.

Get up and be stronger, wiser and always true to the Highest and Best in You!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Be Respectful.

Be Responsible.

Be Cooperative.

Create a Better World for All.