Monday, April 22, 2024

Honor Your Choices

Take Care of Your Family and Our Earth Home.




When it matters most, I know exactly what to do.

When I let go of fear, I return to follow joy.

I respect the decisions I make.

I know what I want and I go for it!

Honor Your Choices.

Which way will you go?

We do not know.

How can we tell?

Heaven or hell?

How do you decide?

How can you be certain?

What to base your decision on?

What if you make a mistake in your decision?

Spend money or save?

Buy this or buy that?

Go to college or get a job?

Move away or stay here?

The more fear and doubt, the more difficult the decision.

The more you try to decide, the more frustrated you may get.

The more you are at peace, the more likely your decision is good.

The more you like your decision, the more you decision will be a happy one.

When you don’t know, know that you don’t know.

When you ask others’ opinion, know you will get their opinion for themselves.

When you wait for the “right” answer, know there is no correct answer.

Whatever and however you decide, you will experience what you want to experience.

If you are looking for how perfect the decision it, it will be perfect for you.

If you are seeing (unconsciously) how foolish you are, you will find evidence that you were foolish.

You will always find what you expect, because you expected it.

The evidence will support what your mind (conscious and unconscious) has been telling you.

When you make a decision, seek supporting evidence.

If you want to question your decisions, seek opinions from a nay-sayer or doubting person.

If you want to affirm your decision, seek a positive person who will agree with you.

When you are stuck in the unknown you can guess or let the question rest until you are clear.

Being decisive comes with no fear.

Being decisive comes with trust in yourself.

Being decisive comes with trusting your inner voice.

Being decisive comes with freedom and trust.

When you do not know, do not pretend to know.

When you cannot decide, do not deceive yourself.

When you are feeling uncomfortable and not ready, make no decisions.

If your decision is an experiment and does not matter, have fun and see what will happen.

Loving all the ways we free ourselves again and again,

Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to love.

Love is letting go of fear.

Mistakes are merely opportunities to learn.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.