Sunday, April 28, 2024

Where Are You Going?

FYI On my way to Maui to visit my granddaughter for a week.

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Aloha, Betty Lue





I know what I want and I go for it!

I choose to live my life my way.

I easily release the chains that bind me.

I free myself to be myself.

Where Are You Going?

What are you doing with your life?

What do you think you are doing?

Where do you want to go and do?

Where are you going anyway? 

Why are you allowing your life to run you?

What made you a victim of your circumstances?

How have you allowed yourself to be a slave to others?

How can you set yourself free to be and do and have what you want?

Put a frog into a cool pot of water and slowly turn up the heat,  and the frog will cook to death.

Are you in your own pot of water and is it getting hotter?

Do you see yourself in circumstances that are shutting you down and putting you to sleep?

Are you really living or existing or just surviving?

It is time to set aside the complaining and blaming, existing and surviving.

It is time to wake up and get up and choose what you want to be and do and have.

What will it be today: lethargy and complacency, hiding and pretending?

Let’s get real and see how your inner child feels!

Are you loving you today?

Do you have time to dream and play?

Are you proud of the work you are doing?

Are you happy at the end of the day with all you have created and celebrated?

Healthy meals?

Peaceful conversation?

Cleaning up after yourself?

Making plans for having healthy fun?

Stop procrastinating. 

Start doing what you really want to do.

Stop using those bad habits to cover-up your pain.

Regain your sanity and choose the life you really want.

Make a list of everything you always wanted to do and have never done.

Make a list of everything you always wanted to be and have never been.

Make a list of everything you always wanted to have and have never given yourself.

Speak an affirmation. And set lists aside to percolate in your unconscious for manifestation.

“May everything I want to be, do and have be fulfilled for the Highest Good of all.”

The beginning of your real life is today, the day you choose what is Real for You.

The start of all Good and only Good is the day you realize you are responsible for your life.

The origin of the vision and empowerment is within you to actualize.

The fulfillment of your hopes and dreams come through what you do and say, have and give to you.

Loving us all in living the life we are called to live.

Choose with wisdom and love and you will be happy and fulfilled.

Betty Lue