Saturday, January 06, 2024

Hurt Feelings?




When words hurt, I turn them into blessings.

I am responsible for what I think and feel.

I learn what to forgive and what to remember.

I am responsible for what I experience.

Hurt Feelings

What hurts your feelings?

What offends you?

Do others' words condemn?

Do others’ judgments validate what you already are thinking?

All criticisms are really about the critic.

All attacks and judgments are telling more about them than about us.

People can only project on another what they have within themselves.

So what other people think of us is really none of our business.

What would it take to let go of all criticism with forgiveness?

Listen to others and respond with ‘thanks”.

Relinquish the need to attack back and flush the toxic material.

Be aware you can choose not to ingest what is unhealthy for you.

Ingest the best and forget the rest.

You can take in what works and is good for you.

You can step aside from what is hurtful and unhealthy for you.

You can choose to be good to you.

Our job is to take good care of ourselves.

If what we eat and think and hear and see is not good, do not take it in.

You are the gatekeeper of your mind.

If what you believe to be unkind, do not keep it in mind.

Relinquish that which is not yours.

Let go and let goodness fill your mind and heart.

Remember what you take in or on is yours to choose.

And when it is not healthy, erase and delete, so you can be healthy and whole.

There are difficult truths we may tell another that can be used for good.

There are words that are said that may cause us to hurt, but we can use them to learn.

There are people and places who give advice that wake us up to change our minds.

There are moments when we give and receive good help and advice.

We are translators of what we hear.

We are healers of what we see.

We are students to better ourselves.

We are teachers to remind us all.

Learn to see things without hurt.

Learn to use everything for Good.

Learn to remember we can learn from everyone.

Learn there are intrinsic blessings of Good when we forgive.

Loving us as we all remember to stop hurting ourselves,

Betty Lue