Friday, January 05, 2024






I think with a mind filled with Goodness and Love.

I speak with words that inspire and encourage.

I act with creative solutions so all can benefit.

I seek only to give the best I know to everyone.

Are You Willing?

When you question, you create doubt.

Where you doubt, you block success.

When you have fear, you hesitate.

When you judge, you get stuck.

What you think creates success or failure.

What you imagine creates positives or negatives.

What you say encourages or discourages.

How you live demonstrates what works or doesn’t work.

When you look at life, you can bless it or judge it.

When you listen to your words, you can be inspired or depressed.

When you watch your friends and family, you can be filled with hope or depression.

Inspire, encourage, imagine and live with willingness to succeed.

Everything is listening.

Your body listens to you.

Your family listens to you.

Humanity listens to you.

What you think and say and do has creative power.

When you are positive, you create positively.

When you are appreciative, you create with gratitude.

When you are happy, you create more happiness.

When we understand the power of our thoughts, words and deeds, we will create all Good.

Change your words and you change your experience.

Change your mind and you change your life.

Change your behavior and you change others.

Gratitude for Goodness gives you more Good.

Praise for health and happiness, gives you more health and happiness.

Willingness to believe it before you see it, brings about amazing results.

Miracles occur naturally when your thoughts and words are kind and aligned. 

Your willingness to change your thoughts and words will change your life.

Forgive all negativity, fear and doubt again and again.

Choose to think, feel, say and believe all Good and only Good.

Live as thought everything matters.

Be grateful that everything matters…

Because it Does!

You matter!!!

I am thankful we are together!!

Betty Lue

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