Sunday, January 07, 2024

Focus On What You Want!




I seek to be and contribute my very best at all times.

I release what is not good for me and choose what is good.

I flow my life energy in the direction of creating more Goodness and Kindness.

I am aware of my emotional flow and change direction as needed.

What  Do You Want?

Look at yourself and see what you want to experience.

Are you going up or down, higher or lower?

Are you stuck emotionally?

Emotion is “energy in motion”.

Life Energy is meant to be used for something.

You are the director of your energy flow and focus.

You can control which way to go.

You simply need to know you are at choice.

When you are aware of your emotional tone, you can choose its direction.

When you are unaware of your emotional energy, you may lose control of your life energy.

You can control your choice of thoughts and feelings with conscious choice.

You can choose to be responsible for how you experience your emotional flow.

Emotions can be practiced by using thoughts, activities and focus.

When we seek confirmation of our current emotional state, we can always find validation.

When we seek to change our emotional state, we can always choose  to focus differently.

The direction in which we place our thoughts and perceptions will change our emotional experience.

With conscious choice and practice we can begin to undo what we no longer want to experience.

With conscious choice and preference we can strengthen the ability to change our feelings.

With the habits we learn pre-cognitively, we may believe our negative emotional states are natural.

Begin experimenting by watching and listening to sad or dramatic media and feel your emotions.

We are energy beings, experiencing where the energy flow takes us.

Some choose peace and easy flow, while others choose drama and turbulent flow.

When we like one experience or another, we may get attached or stuck.

When we are triggered by past emotional experiences, we can choose to undo or repeat them.

It is valuable to become aware of your emotional energy.

It is important to understand how the flow can go up or down, out or within.

It is imperative that we learn we need not be unconscious victims of our emotions.

It is helpful to experiment with how we can choose to change the flow of emotions.

Spend an hour thinking, watching and listening to upsetting stories and sounds.

Notice clearly the flow of energy within you.

Then switch your attention to watching and listening to happy, hopeful and helpful sounds and stories.

Notice how the flow of emotional energy changes within you.

You can begin to practice one direction of flow or one emotion on which to focus and experience.

You can learn to choose and change, to focus up or down.

You can become the master of your emotional state to whatever degree you find helpful.

You can realize you are not a victim of your emotions and choose to have your desired experience.

Whatever you prefer, choose it and experience it more.

It is your choice to live within the emotional vibration you prefer.

You can be energized, victimized or numbed by your emotions.

It is time for you to choose the direction of your emotional energy!

Always seeking more sovereignty for us all.

We are choosers when we are aware of we can be.

Trusting us all to seek a better way.

Blessings of gratitude.

Betty Lue

I focus on Love. 

I choose to feel Good.

Goodness and Love work for me.