Monday, January 08, 2024

Puzzle Pieces




I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

I know I am right where I belong.

When life doesn’t fit for me, I choose a new place to be.

Life always shows me what I need to know.

Puzzle Pieces in Life

Each experience is a piece of the puzzle.

When we try to fit where we don’t belong, it can be painful.

When we keep pushing to fit, we may feel frustration and disappointment.

When we are willing, we keep changing and rearranging, until our life works.

When we find something that feels right, we get attached.

When we have momentary gratification, we may think it is forever.

When we finally feel some rightness, we may make up “This is It!”

Our Piece may fit until it doesn’t anymore.

Life is an ever-changing kaleidoscope offering many changing colors.

When we stop allowing change, we get stuck and inflexible.

When we are afraid to let go, we may feel fear, anger and resentment.

When we cling to what was good, we may neglect to experience what is now.

When we allow for changes, we are flexible, flowing and resilient.

When we trust our part right where we are, we feel safe.

When we stop following other’s opinions, we listen inside.

When we let go and know “All is well.”, we are at peace.

Life offers unlimited possibilities and opportunities.

We find ourselves needing to choose where to go, what to do and with whom.

We explore, experiment, seek and find and let go again and still again.

We seek our right place and time and relationship and work and home.

Figuring out how it will all work out may be confusing or fun.

The play of life may feel like frustrating chaos or a graceful dance.

Our part may seem insignificant or of great importance.

However we choose to judge what appears to be, we can let go.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.

When we erase what seemed to be and enjoy what is now, we are gratified.

When we can simply play the game with no rush or claim to fame, we can have fun.

We can just do what we do, have what we have and love our way through to the end.

Mistakes are opportunities to see from another perspective.

Judgments show us our fears and self-doubt and forgetfulness.

Wherever we start and end up, we can keep looking for what is right and good for us.

Life is a puzzle and each one of us a piece, sometimes fitting and often not quite right.

To love the play makes each day a mystery, a game and a place to learn.

To forgive our fears as we get clear, is learning what works along the way.

To release where we are stuck, addicted and attached, enhances the dance.

Taking time to observe, experience, explore and choose again is freeing.

Let us remember to love with freedom and trust, to let go and choose again.

Loving us all, 

Betty Lue