Friday, December 29, 2023

Free To Be




I free myself to fully Be Who I AM.

I free others to freely be Who they are.

I am grateful for the diversity and unique expression in everyone.

I trust myself to be a safe place for each to be authentic, creative and REAL.

Free Your Self To BE!

What can you do to free yourself to be fully you?

What holds you back from being truly authentic?

How do you keep yourself in check in your life?

What rules to you live by and whose approval do you seek?

There are many teachings and beliefs we learn early in life.

We listen to parents and teachers and what gets their approval.

We observe what works and what doesn’t work in the world.

We are programmed to be externally referring in our choices.

Does this please my parent, teachers and friends?

Will I get ahead by talking and behaving this way?

Do I fit with the people around me and how they act?

Do my actions, language and choices conform to what is popular?

People do not spend quality time with others, learning their values and beliefs.

It seems that most people pay attention to others via media, texting, face book, etc.

It seems that young people admire those in public view and follow their lead.

It seems that ‘getting along’, following and belonging are among the highest values.

Where have the leaders gone?

Where are those who speak up for the rights of others?

Where is authenticity, originality and new thought?

Where are those who express themselves creatively?

If you are one who doesn’t follow the crowd, appreciate yourself!

If you are someone who expresses your truth without offense to others, value yourself!

If you are among those who lead others to do good and create good, enjoy your part!

If you are true to you and give always and only your best, count yourself blessed!

What you can do to free yourself is listen to what feels right and true for you.

What you can do to free yourself is to pay attention to when it feels wrong and stop!

What you can do to free yourself is listen to your heart, your conscience and inner guide..

What you can do to free yourself is forgive every mistake, yours and others, immediately.

We are easily tamed and changed and delayed by the criticism we have learned.

People often fear being wrong and so don’t even step out of the learned boxes of society.

We may fear judgment, being shamed , rejected and humiliated by others .

People learn to let others lead and then blame them for their own lack of leadership

If you feel safe by conforming and following what others do, you hold back..

If you still try to please and get others approval, you will do what they want you to do.

If you think playing it safe is the best way to live, you will hide your inner light.

If you wait until another goes forth , you may miss your time to shine and share.

Time to be free and see All that You Can Be,

Betty Lue

May you be happy and well.

May you remember to be loving.

May you find peace in all you say and do.

May this day bring only Goodness to you.

Only Love prevails.