Saturday, December 30, 2023

Happy Memories





All I give and receive is the Goodness I remember.

A happy life comes from choosing happy memories.

I easily let go of all that no longer works for me.

I love joyfully with clarity and purpose.

Happy Memories

Do you remember how to be joyful and delighted?

Do you remember what it feels like to be fully alive?

Do you remember how to live in a safe world?

Do you remember how to be in love?

“Re-membering” is bringing all the pieces together again.

To remember happiness is to bring happy memories into our mind, 

To remember is to feel the feelings of being fully joyful.

To remember is to embody the feelings of happiness.

We remember why we are here, when we feel truly joyful.

We remember what we are here to be, when are reminded of happy moments.

We remember who we really are, when we embody true happiness.

We are here to remember our authentic selves.

When we hold negative memories, we distract ourselves from now.

When we believe the past is here, we continue to have unhappy memories.

When we forget to delete what no longer is, we repeat the past again and again.

When we fail to erase our mistakes and moments of pain, we do not want to remember.

The work in life, everyday and especially at New Year’s, is to clear the past.

Remember only what inspires and elevates your thoughts and feelings.

Remember what you want to repeat and recreate for the joy of it.

Remember what is meaningful and hopeful and gives love to all.

The holidays offer lots of memories to most people, both good and bad.

The work in life is to always heal what was hurtful and remember what is helpful.

We can choose to replay the past hurts or create present helps.

The mind will respond to your selective remembering.

Be selective in your imaging.

Remove what is not helpful.

Restore what is beneficial.

Choose what you value.

My traditional New Year’s Celebration includes letting go of the past.

Washing away mistakes, distractions, distrust, and disappointment is key.

Write and burn what you no longer want or need to repeat.

Be thorough in your mental house-keeping.

Use a ritual or self-created ceremony and declaration.

“I forgive and release all that is not good, loving and healthy for me.”

“ My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly loving and true.”

“The past it not here and cannot touch me.”

When you begin again, you can choose miracles of love in your life.

When you start anew, you will see yourself and your world differently.

When you free the past errors, you will have space to attract new creations.

When you undo all fear and separation, you will trust the joy and connection you feel.

Life begins anew whenever you choose it to.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue