Thursday, December 28, 2023

What Is Working?




I quickly stop doing whatever is not for the best of all.

I easily forgive and release whatever is not loving and kind.

I quit thinking, saying and doing what is not helpful and well-intentioned.

I stop and center myself with the best I know in mind.

Does It Work?

If your life isn’t working, STOP!

If your relationships aren’t working, STOP!

If your money isn’t working, STOP!

If your health isn’t working, STOP!

Stop doing the same things you have always done, expecting a different result.

Stop thinking, speaking and behaving as you always have, believing this time it will be different.

Stop making up that somehow someone out there will show you a better way.

Stop judging, blaming, criticizing someone else for what isn’t working for you.

We keep going, because our ego wants to be right.

We keep doing the same thing, because we don’t want to be the problem.,

We keep choosing what is familiar believing that this time it will work.

We keep trying over and over falsely hoping for a change externally.

The purpose of stopping is take a time out to clear our thinking.

The purpose of stopping is not quitting, but stopping the ineffective methods.

The purpose of stopping is to break the cycle of insanity.

The purpose of stopping is to undo the dysfunctional reactive patterns.

Time outs are for parents to give themselves and the kids a chance to calm down and choose what works!

Stepping away from an upset is time to reconnect with what is best for everyone.

Taking deep breaths clears the fear, drama, anger and emotional distortions.

Pausing for a walk, meditation, writing in a journal, forgiving and doing affirmations is to think clearly.

I recommend not talking when upset.

I recommend not expressing hurtful feelings.

I recommend dumping toxic material in private.

I recommend clarifying your goal or intention.

When we react emotionally, we are seeking either to get others to help us or to give others our upset.

When others are calm, reasonable and able to be helpful, it works.

When others are upset, fearful, irrational or unable to be helpful, nothing will work.

Often we simply spread the pain, fear, drama, unhappiness and lack of love to another.

Consider taking full responsibility.

Consider being the conscious one.

Consider making amends with "I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you and Thank you."

Consider forgiving your self for making up the upsetting situation, thoughts and feelings.

Life is the practice grounds for clearing the pain and fear, guilt and blame from yourself and others.

Life is the place in which we can make ourselves safe to work out our own issues without hurting others.

Life is the experimental laboratory to stop ineffective means to solve a problem.

Life is the learning ground in which we openly discover what works and does not work.

Bless us each and all for observing, exploring and learning better ways.

Betty Lue

Let us forgive the judgments of mistakes we make and choose again for a better way!