Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Love Unconditionally!





Love is the way I live in gratitude.

I let go of all limits on Love.

I am willing to remember Love no matter what.

I seek to create and encourage more love.

Love Unconditionally!

Love heals us all.

Love creates more Love.

Love reminds us to be Loving.

Love empowers us to share Love.

Love is the healing power.

Love calls us to listen within.

Love guides us to Love one another.

Love shows the way to release all our fears.

Yes, we all have Love within us.

For we are made of Love.

We can love simply for the joy of loving.

Yes, all Love is healing for those who Love.

We can remember to Love, even when we seem to forget.

Our worldly teachings often seem to block our loving.

We may be taught to judge and criticize, to withhold and deny.

Our opinions and beliefs may emphasize our fear and hatred.

It is time we educate ourselves and enlighten our prejudices.

We can shine a light to make the darkness and fear disappear.

When we look and listen within, we see how we have misperceived.

We are here to see the call for love and remember to be loving.

When we love, we attract Love.

When we love, we call forth Love.

When we love, we reach out with Love.

When we love, we respond to the lack of Love.

Our children need love.

Our parents need love.

Our world needs love.

We need Love.

When we give the Love within us, we realize the gifts we share.

When we share the Love we have, we recognize there is even more to give.

When we give more, we remember our real function is to inspire Love.

Let us demonstrate our function by clearing the barriers to awareness of Love.

Let us heal our relationships with clearing the blocks to Love.

Let us heal our thinking by forgiving what holds us separate.

Let us heal our feelings by opening the way to respect and compassion.

Let us heal our world by releasing  our defensiveness and harmful ways.

We can choose to seek creative and helpful solutions to lack of Love.

Let us forgive and love one another.

Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love. 

Betty Lue