Monday, November 06, 2023

Always Learning




I remember I am Love.

I remind myself daily by teaching/learning only Love.

I know you are Love, too, because I remember my Self.

I respect and am responsible for the Love we are together.

Learning and Reminding My Self!

I am forever a student of Spirit.

These daily reminders are my memory of what really is.

I write them to stay aligned with what is Good and True.

I share them with you as I am guided from within.

When I came into this world, I came to teach Love.

Perhaps you did too?

When I was conceived by my parents, they knew I was gift.

Perhaps yours did too?

They believed they were only my “temporary guardians”.

They knew only to guide my if there was a need.

They did not praise or scold me, but only chose to “Love” me.

I felt safe and whole and good in my home.

As I grew, I learned the ways of the world and its beliefs.

I learned how most children need to earn love and respect.

I felt sad and wanted to share only love, faith and goodness.

I knew we are all sisters and brothers of the same Loving Creator.

It seemed my task here was always to be helpful…..never hurtful.

And when I felt misunderstood or hurt in the world, I was reminded to forgive.

As I learned to let go and laugh, I understood more of what was real and lasting.

We together are here always and forever to remember Love.

Sometimes the world teaches hatred and sin (misguided choices).

It seems People get hurt and feel lost and confused.

We all go through periods of forgetting and doubt.

And yet we are here together to remind one another.

Together there is nothing we cannot do.

We are empowered with Loving Kindness.

We are forgiven and forgiving of our forgetfulness.

We are inspired in our remembering and awakening to Love.

Now in these seeming times of darkness and delusion, we have the power to heal.

We can remember and reveal what is within us all… Love!

Our healing is to remember our wholeness and Holiness as we remind one another.

Together we can change our minds and be transformed as we realize why we came.

In our homes and workplace, we can remember Love!

On the highways and in our nations, we can remember Love.

With our thoughts and words of respect and kindness, we can remember Love.

In our choices and everyday doing, we can remember Love.

Be the voice of Love,

Betty Lue