Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Just Do It!




Choose what is beneficial to everyone.

Listen to what are win-win solutions.

Do what is right and true for you and affirms others too!

Be open and willing to trust what honors everyone. 

Just Do It!

If you know what you brings you happiness, Just Do It!

If you understand what works for you, Just Do It!

If you have envisioned your ideal family life, Just Do It!

If you realize what inspires and encourages you, Just Do It!

Our lives belong to us.

When we seek for the best, we can choose what is right for us.

When we listen to our heart, we can feel the joy in what we hear.

When we honor the love within, we know what to choose.

Always choose for Joy!

Remember to choose for Peace.

Recognize the gift of Love.

Honor what makes Your Life Work.

When we realize what is fun, we can choose it.

When we understand what is safe, we can find it.

When we flow with what is easy, we can use it.

For what is fun, safe and easy is the way to go.

Do you interact with others in a way that works for you?

Do you connect with others in ways that work for them?

Do you do what is good for everyone in your home?

Do you live in ways that are truly win-win for others?

People believe when we are conscious of others’ needs, we cannot be mindful of ourselves.

Many assume there is not room for democracy in ways that work for all.

Some believe what works for us will not work for others in our lives.

When we believe that our advantage will be disadvantageous for family and friends.

Creative solutions to differences allow for everyone to be heard and respected.

Democratic solutions to differences encourage the needs of all to be valued.

When we sit together and share ideas and opinions, we can create effective choices to honor differences.

The value of honoring differences teaches respect, responsibility and cooperation at home and work.

Yes, it takes more time to listen to differences.

Yes, it requires listening with open-mindedness,

Yes, it asks that we stop fighting to be right and win.

Yes, it asks for respect and being responsible for everyone’s benefit. 

We can learn to have meaningful conversations.

We can learn to find better ways for the good of all.

We can learn to be open to listen and learn from each others.

We can learn to choose what is highest and best for all.

Respect yourself as you respect others.

Everyone benefits from what is Good for all.

Trusting us to listen and learn from what works for us all.

Betty Lue

Be Respectful.

Be Responsible.

Be Cooperative.

Create a Better World for All.