Friday, November 03, 2023

Change Is Natural!




I an open and willing to change for the Good of all.

I trust that all things work together for good.

When life changes, I easily flow with what works.

I allow change to awaken and inspire me.

Change with a Changing World!

How do we allow changes?

How do we flow with what is changing?

The most flexible can adapt to changes.

The most resilient are open to a changing world.

Be open to changing energy.

Allow for changing weather.

Attend to changing emotions.

Trust in changing environments.

Are we stuck in old habits and beliefs?

Do we get comfortable with what is familiar?

Do we believe that changes are dangerous?

Do we prefer that everything stays the same?

When we are fearful, we want what is familiar.

When we wish for the same experience, we may fear changes.

When we long for the past to return, we may fear the future.

When have no clear desired outcome, we may not trust what works.

There is a need for growth and learning.

There is a call for understanding what will be.

This is a time to trust in a higher outcome.

Change can inspire awakening to seek a better way.

As we forgive past mistakes, we can learn to choose for Good.

As we undo our misunderstanding, we can choose to listen with an open mind.

As we let go of our fear of our future, we can step forward in faith for Higher Good.

As we recognize our individual choices, we can make our own informed decisions.

We have the opportunity to choose for ourselves.

We have the right to make our own decisions.

We have the responsibility to make changes that are beneficial.

We have the guidance to do what is right and fair for all.

Let us trust in open-mindedness.

Let us relinquish our stuck ways.

Let us allow what is True and Good.

Let us be the change we seek to be.

We can be the positive and helpful change.

Use this time to make your own decisions.

Have faith in a better future with wisdom and love.

Trusting us all.

Betty Lue

“Life is for learning.

Education leads out of ignorance.

The more we learn, the more we know.

The more we know, the better our resources.

The more  resources, the more choice we have.”

The more choices, the more enjoyable life can be.”