Thursday, November 02, 2023

Be Safe!




I know Love is safe for us all.

I forgive my fear and know Love is here.

I intend to be a safe place for everyone.

I trust in my love and forgiveness.

Be Safe!

Be safe by extending Peace.

Be safe with giving Love.

Be safe when you are forgiving.

Be safe by following your inner knowing.

Are you safe living with kindness?

Are you safe when you trust in God?

Are you safe by taking care of yourself?

Are you safe when you do what is right?

Wherever we live, we can make it safe.

Whatever we do, we can create more peace.

However we live, we can give our gratitude.

Whenever we travel, we can extend our goodness.

Safety comes from being safe.

What we give, we will receive.

When we are a safe place, others will feel safe.

When we are respectful and kind, we contribute safety to others.

Are you safe with your self?

Do you treat yourself with loving respect?

Are you safe with your family?

Do you treat all at home with kindness and gratitude?

Are you safe on the roads?

Do you treat other drivers with respect and consideration?

Are you safe at your workplace?

Do you treat everyone with dignity and respect?

Are you safe when you shop or bank or eat out?

Do you treat those who serve you with respect and gratitude?

Are you safe when you go to the park or movies or vacation?

Do you treat those you see with consideration and respect?

Are we aware of how our behavior affects others?

Are we cognizant of how our expressions make impressions?

Do we understand that our beliefs impact others' feelings of safety?

Do we take the time to give our best to those around us?

What we think, say and do is teaching everyone.

We are shaping our world with our thoughts and feelings.

We are making a difference with our behavior and interaction.

We can create safety and peace wherever we are and whatever we do.

Let us be safe and create safety for us all.

Betty Lue

Your life matters!

You can make a difference in your home a workplace.

You can be the one who thinks, speaks and behaves with respect.

You can be the safe place for those around you with your kindness.