Saturday, November 04, 2023

What Works For You?




I am open to finding a better way to live my life.

I trust in what works for me and you individually.

I am willing to learn new ways to be from everyone.

I am grateful there is always creative and inspired solutions.

What Works for You?

Seems like many folks are not pleased with their lives.

Sounds like most do not know how to have a life that works.

Everyone is doing their best with what they know.

Perhaps we can all do better.

What works for you?

Let us take an honest look!

Worrying doesn’t work.

Using positive affirmations and prayer does work.

Complaining doesn’t work.

Doing something to improve things does.

Being resentful about the past doesn’t work.

Releasing anger freeing us to create a new future does.

Feeling sorry for what happened doesn’t work.

Remembering how we learned and benefitted does.

Sitting around wishing for prince charming doesn’t work.

Getting up and changing our activities does get us moving.

Wishing we could go back to the past doesn’t work.

Changing our focus to the present does work.

Believing other people to know what is right for us doesn’t work.

Listening to our inner voice and inspirational guidance does.

Changing others’ opinions doesn’t work.

Minding our own business and choices does work.

Seeking others’ approval doesn’t work.

Respecting and approving of ourselves does.

Being upset about what we have no control over doesn’t work.

Remembering to do what we can, when and where we can.

Being ignorant and misinformed doesn’t work.

Educating and inspiring ourselves with more knowledge and insight does.

Trying to understand what doesn’t make sense doesn’t work.

Trusting our inner clarity and logic to choose wisely does.

Changing the politics in our world doesn’t work.

Making wise choices in our own family and community does.

Eating what we want without regard for our physical health doesn’t work.

Being aware of what is healthy and best for our own body does.

Making excuses for lack of money and time doesn’t work.

Being conscious of valuing and using what we have does work.

We are always at choice.

We can make beneficial changes.

We are able to create a better way.

We can always choose what works.

Always learning what works better,

Betty Lue

If it works, DO IT!

If it doesn’t work, STOP!