Saturday, October 07, 2023

Look For The Good




I appreciate the Good in my life.

The more I notice, the more I appreciate.

The more I appreciate, the more I receive.

The more I receive and notice and appreciate, the more I have.

Notice and Appreciate!

Notice the Good. 

Notice the Beautiful.

Notice the Love.

Notice and Value.

What we focus on, we notice.

What we notice, we have valued.

What we value, we have.

When we appreciate what we value, we have more.

When we are distracted, we do not see.

When we do not see, we miss what we value.

When we ignore what we value, we have less or not at all.

When we denigrate, deny or criticize what we have, we have even less.

Life is our teacher.

When we deny or ignore the learning, we are lost.

When we are lost, we stop seeking and noticing.

When we are stuck in our blindness, we are in the dark.

In the dark, we are lost, in pain, fear and denial.

This is our wakeup call to seek what we want to find.

Seeking is the first step to notice.

We must affirm what we are seeking and open to receive.

This is our time to step out in faith.

While hungry for fulfillment, we must be humble.

In our humility we can learn to receive what is given.

As we receive all the gifts, we begin to celebrate with DeLight.

And so our time has come to awaken ourselves to what we want.  

Look beneath the illusions and seek what is real and valuable.

We can easily find what is usual and temporary to delude us.

It requires noticing what is in our hearts and allowing love in.

Seek what you really want. 

Look into your heart.

Ask what you long for.

Be honest with yourself.

Only you know you.

Only you can say what is true.

Only you can see what is real.

Only you will remember to love you.

Appreciate all good that is here for you.

You are good for me and I appreciate You!

Betty Lue